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Urban Pi - Home of the Marvelous Mango Tart!
By Carol LeBeau
10/31/2013 2:56:01 PM


I love San Diego’s coastal North County – the beautiful beaches, shopping along Cedros, the horse races…Legoland.  There’s so much to see and do.

But there’s one coastal attraction that brings me back time and again.  It’s the magnificent Mango Tart at “Urban Pi” in Del Mar.  If you’ve never had this amazing taste experience, you probably think I’ve “lost the bubble.”  But for the rest of you – those who have experienced this heavenly confection… your mouths are already watering.

Urban Pi, the new fast-casual restaurant in the Albertson’s shopping center on Via de la Valle (just east of I-5) serves up custom-made thin-crust pizzas, salads and sandwiches.  Everything is fresh and delicious. But the dessert menu is to die for especially their signature Mango Tart.  

The dazzling display of mango slices atop a yummy, light cream filling and crisp, pastry crust (a super-secret recipe!) is arranged in a pie made to look like a flower in bloom.  It’s not only a work of art to the eye.  It’s delicious beyond description.

But decadent it’s not.  Light on the sugar, the tasty tart gets most of its sweetness straight from plenty of perfectly ripened wedges of fresh mango.  Order an entire tart and bring it home with you.  I love the “ooo’s” and “ahhs” I get when I serve it for a special event.

And don’t forget the health benefits.  

Whether you get your mango from Urban Pi’s “pie…” or from your local market, we all should be eating more mangoes!  The world-famous fruit may taste like candy, but it’s also one of the richest sources of vitamins A and C and minerals including potassium, calcium and phosphorus.  Mango is also full of fiber and a one-cup serving has only 100 calories.

An added bonus…mango may also help improve glucose levels.  In a recent study, obese participants who ate the equivalent of 2/3 cup of the tropical treat (roughly 65 calories) daily for 12 weeks significantly lowered their blood sugar possibly due to the fruit’s fiber, which can slow sugar absorption.

So, go ahead and munch on a mango.  Eat it fresh, dried, in nectar or juice (give “Good Belly” brand a try) or make a date and take the 5 to Del Mar and taste the amazing mango tart at Urban Pi.   www.urbanpi.com

Let me know how you like it.

*Note: Many of you “locals” recall the Mango Tart was originally found at “Pasta Pronto,” which recently closed its doors.  “Urban Pi” moved into the same space, changed the menu, updated the décor, but thankfully, retained some of Pasta Pronto’s favorites including the famous tart.