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Size of Fetus May Affect Stillbirth Risk

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Stroke Prevention Tips for Women

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Take Talk of Weight Off the Holiday Menu

Teen Boys Who Think They're Skinny May Be at Higher Risk for Depression

Teens' Indoor Tanning May Be Linked to Unhealthy Dieting

Testing for Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes Should Be Routine, Experts Say

Texting Your Way to Weight Loss

The Morning Light May Help You Stay Slim

Tom Hanks Has Type 2 Diabetes

Tonsillectomy May Spur Weight Gain in Kids, But Won't Cause Obesity: Study

Too Much Drinking, Weight May Harm Liver

Transplant May Boost Survival in Obese Kidney Failure Patients

TV, Computer Time Tied to Heavier, Less Happy Kids: Study

Type 2 Diabetes Is Often a Family Affair

U.S. Obesity Rate Shows Signs of Leveling Off

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