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1 in 13 U.S. Schoolkids Takes Psych Meds: Report

18-Year Study Finds Drug Cut Prostate Cancer Risk

80 Percent of Cancer Docs Have Faced Drug Shortages: Survey

Abuse of Painkillers Raises Risk of Heroin Use: Study

Acid-Reflux Drugs Tied to Lower Levels of Vitamin B-12

ADHD Meds Don't Raise Risk of Drug Abuse in Adulthood: Review

Advanced Heart Failure Still Kills 1 in 3 Within Three Years: Study

Age-Related Eye Differences May Cause Falls

All-in-One Pill May Be Effective Treatment for Heart Care

Almost 13 Million More Americans Could Take Statins Under New Guidelines

Alzheimer's Drugs May Benefit Heart, Study Finds

Antibiotic Azithromycin Won't Harm Healthy Hearts: Study

Antibiotics May Be Linked to Serious Infections in Children

Antidepressant Celexa May Help Ease Alzheimer's-Linked Agitation

Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism

Antidepressants May Hasten Bypass Recovery, Study Finds

Antidote Might Reverse Complication From Blood Thinner Pradaxa

Antipsychotic Drugs May Triple Kids' Diabetes Risk, Study Suggests

Anti-Seizure Drug May Guard Against Some Cancers

Antiviral Drug May Extend Brain Cancer Survival, Researchers Say

Arthritis Drug Could Benefit Some Kidney Disease Patients

Aspirin Equals Pricier Blood Thinner for Preventing Clots: Study

At-Home Drug Errors Common for Kids With Cancer, Research Shows

Avastin May Boost Survival in Advanced Cervical Cancer: Study

Baldness Drug Propecia May Put Some Men Off Alcohol: Study

Bipolar Disorder Drug May Need Adjusting in Pregnancy, Study Finds

Bipolar Disorder Drugs May 'Tweak' Genes Affecting Brain

Blacks With Certain Gene Need Lower Doses of Warfarin: Study

Blood Pressure Drug Might Boost Chemo Success, Mouse Study Suggests

Blood Pressure Meds May Raise Risk of Serious Falls for Seniors

Blood Thinners Now Recommended for People With Irregular Heartbeat

Buying Testosterone Supplements Online Can Be Risky

Cancer Drug May Be Helpful for Diabetes, Mouse Study Hints

Cancer Drug Nexavar Tied to Pancreas Damage in 2 Patients

Certain Allergies Plus Blood Pressure Meds Could Be Bad Mix

Certain COPD Meds Might Raise Heart Risks, Study Says

Certain Prescription Painkillers Tied to Higher Risk of Irregular Heartbeat: Study

Certain Sedatives Tied to Breathing Problems in Older COPD Patients

Certain Type of Brain Malformation May Be Best Left Alone

Channel Blockers for Blood Pressure Linked to Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Chantix Helped People With Mental Illness Quit Smoking Longer in Study

Chemo Might Give Certain Lung Cancer Patients an Edge

Child 'Cured' of HIV Remains Free of Virus, Doctors Report

Cholesterol Drug Might Help Slow MS Progression

Cholesterol Drugs May Boost Your Gums' Health, Too

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Boost a Man's Sex Life: Study

Chronically Ill Americans May Skip Meds to Afford Food

Combo Drug Therapy May Work Best to Strengthen Bones: Study

Common Asthma Meds May Raise Sleep Apnea Risk, Study Says

Common Blood Pressure Drugs May Help Slow Dementia

Common Glaucoma Drug May Cause Droopy Eyelids, Study Finds

Common Gout Drug Tied to Lower Risk of Early Death in Study

Common Strep Bacteria May Be Morphing Into 'Superbug'

COPD Patients May Do Fine With Shorter Course of Steroids

Could Statins Raise Diabetes Risk?

Counselors Give Smokers Best Chance to Quit: Study

Cure Rate for Experimental Hepatitis C Drug Tops 95 Percent

Diabetes Treatment Falls Short as Heart Failure Drug in Study

Docs Order Too Many Narcotics, Pricey Scans for Back Pain: Study

Doctors Often Comply When Patients Ask for Advertised Drugs: Study

Doctors Slower to Prescribe High Blood Pressure Meds to Younger Patients

Doubling Time on Tamoxifen Cuts Odds for Breast Cancer's Return: Study

Drivers With ADHD May Be at Higher Risk for Serious Crashes

Drug Abuse By Young Anesthesiologists Is Rare But Sometimes Deadly

Drug Duo Might Help Smokers Quit Better Than Single Med

Drug for Pulmonary Hypertension Shows 'Modest' Benefit in Studies

Drug Labels Still Lack Infant Info, Study Finds

Drug May Help Slow Advanced Breast Cancer

Drug Might Help Heavy Drinkers Limit Their Booze

Drug Shows Some Benefit for Kids With Autism

Drugs Can Sometimes Prevent Migraines, but at a Cost

Earlier Acne Outbreaks May Be Caused by Earlier Puberty: Experts

Early HIV Treatment a Win-Win, Researchers Report

Epilepsy Drug Warnings May Slip Through Cracks

ER Visits Tied to Ambien on the Rise

Erectile Dysfunction Tied to Long-Term Narcotic Use in Men

ERs Dispensing More Narcotic Painkillers: Study

ERs Not Curbing Overuse of Antibiotics, Study Reveals

Even Non-Surgical Hospital Patients Often Get Powerful Narcotics: Study

Exercise Might Ease Joint Pain Caused by Breast Cancer Drugs

Exercise Might Lift Libido in Women on Antidepressants

Experimental Drug May Boost Leukemia Survival, Without Chemo

Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Drug-Resistant Lung Cancer

Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Genital Herpes Treatment

Experimental Hepatitis C Drug May Treat the Untreatable

Experts Urge Routine Test for All Patients With Invasive Breast Cancer

'Exposure Therapy' Along With Antidepressants May Help With OCD

Eye-Catching Labels Urged for Fast-Tracked Antibiotics

FDA Advisers Revisit Heart Risks Posed by Painkillers

FDA Announces Moves to Avert Drug Shortages

FDA Announces New Safety Measures for Narcotic Painkillers

FDA Approval Process Comes Under Scrutiny in Studies

FDA Approves 1st Topical Gel to Ease Redness of Rosacea

FDA Approves New Drug to Treat COPD

FDA Approves New Treatment for Hepatitis C Infection

FDA Approves Quick-Acting Drug to Reverse Prescription Painkiller ODs

FDA OKs 2-Drug Combo Treatment for Advanced Melanoma

FDA OKs Injections to Treat Curvature of Penis

FDA OKs New Hydrocodone Painkiller

FDA OKs Quick-Acting Antidote for Prescription Painkiller Overdose

FDA Panel Sees No Heart-Safety Advantage With Naproxen

FDA Sends Warnings to Makers of Illegal Diabetes Treatments

FDA to Investigate Diabetes Drug Saxagliptin for Possible Heart Failure Risk

FDA Warns Against Prescription Drugs With High Levels of Acetaminophen

FDA Warns of Heart Risks From Stress-Test Drugs

Fizzy Drugs May Pose a High-Salt Danger, Study Suggests

Following Blood Pressure-Drug Schedule May Be Critical to Survival

For Uninfected Partner, Antiretroviral Drugs May Shield Against HIV

Free Drug Samples for Doctors Might Prove Costly for Patients

Gene Discovery May Offer Breakthrough for Rare Leukemia

Gene Therapy May Hold Promise for Advanced Parkinson's Disease

Glaucoma Drug May Help Reverse Obesity-Related Vision Loss

Glaxo to End Payments to Prescribing Doctors

Groups Push FDA to Revoke Approval of Highly Potent Painkiller

Head Lice Growing Resistant to Standard Meds

HEALTH REFORM: Many on Medicare Already Enjoying Benefits

Helping Doctors Spot Who's Not Taking Their Blood Pressure Meds

High Blood Pressure May Be Worse for Women

Higher Dose of IVF Drug May Be Needed for Obese Women

Hispanic Teens More Likely to Abuse Drugs: Survey

HIV-Positive Inmates Benefit From Drug Treatment, Study Says

Hormones Might Offer Relief From Chronic Pain, Small Study Suggests

Ibuprofen, Aleve Won't Raise Miscarriage Risk: Study

Informed Patients Can Help Stem Antibiotic Overuse

Ingredient in New MS Drug Linked to Serious Brain Disease

Key Safety Questions May Linger for FDA-Expedited Drugs

Kidney Cancer Drugs Equal in Prolonging Survival: Study

Kidney Failure a Possible Risk of Prostate Cancer Hormone Treatment: Study

Kidney Transplant Rejection Drugs Tied to Pregnancy Risks in Study

Kids Hospitalized for Flu Need Antiviral Meds Right Away: Study

Landmark ADHD Study Backed Drugs Over Therapy at a Cost: Report

Latest Edition of Psychiatry's 'Bible' Launched Amid Controversy

Latest Edition of Psychiatry's 'Bible' Launched Amid Controversy

Liquid Tamiflu for Kids in Short Supply

Longer Detox Might Work Better for Prescription Pain Med Addiction

Lyrica May Ease Pain for Depressed Fibromyalgia Patients

Many ADHD Drugs Linked to Painful Erections: FDA

Many Americans Earn Low Grades for Proper Med Use: Survey

Many Asthma Patients Don't Stick to Treatment Plan, Study Finds

Many Bipolar Patients Take Multiple Psychiatric Meds

Many Docs Wrongly Prescribe Powerful Antibiotics: Study

Many Kids With Autism on Multiple Medications, Study Finds

Many Lupus Patients Forgo Needed Medication, Study Finds

Many Parents Unaware of Teens' Abuse of ADHD Drugs

Many Stop Taking Rheumatoid Arthritis Meds Too Soon: Study

Many U.S. Seniors Get Prescription Painkillers From Multiple Doctors

Many U.S. Women Prescribed Narcotic Pain Meds During Pregnancy

Meds That Prevent HIV Infection Don't Spur Risky Behavior: Study

Mental-Health Disorders Growing Faster Among Kids Than Adults: Study

Merck Recalls Cholesterol Drug Liptruzet

Metformin May Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer Death, Researchers Say

Metformin Won't Aid Breast Cancer Survival in Diabetics

Metformin Won't Help Heart Patients Without Diabetes: Study

Minority Patients Less Likely to Stick With Heart Attack Meds: Study

Model Program Boosts Blood-Pressure Control for Patients

More ERs Treating Headaches With Narcotics, Study Finds

More Kids Being Poisoned by Prescription Drugs: Study

More Than 6 Percent of U.S. Teens Take Psychiatric Meds: Survey

Most Docs Don't Follow ADHD Treatment Guidelines for Preschoolers: Study

Most Statin Users Won't Have Major Side Effects

Most Teens Who Misuse Painkillers Aren't After a High, Study Finds

Nail Fungus Drug Might Help Against HIV, Study Suggests

Nebulizers May Not Deliver Full Drug Dose to Kids With Asthma

New Blood Pressure Guidelines May Take Millions of Americans Off Meds

New Blood Pressure Guidelines Raise the Bar for Taking Medications

New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Shows Early Promise

New Clues to How Long-Term Drug Therapy Keeps HIV at Bay

New Diabetes Drug Seems Safe for Heart, Study Finds

New Drug Combo Helps Hard-to-Treat Hepatitis C

New Drug May Slow Advanced Ovarian Cancer

New Drug Shows Early Promise in Treating Parkinson's Psychosis

New Drug Shows Promise for Restless Legs Syndrome: Study

New Treatment for Aggressive Breast Cancer Shows Some Promise

New Treatments Show Promise Against Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

One in 10 Teens Has Misused Prescription Painkillers: Survey

Opioids Not Winning the Battle Against Pain, Study Suggests

OxyContin Tops List of Abused Prescription Drugs: Survey

Pace of New Drug Advances May Be Slowing, Study Finds

Pain a Common Problem for People With COPD

Pain Reliever Lowers Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetics, Study Says

Pediatricians Endorse New Acne Treatment Guidelines

Pfizer Recalls Some Antidepressants After Drug Mixup

Popular Morning Sickness Drug Safe in Pregnancy, Study Finds

Power of Suggestion Revealed in Study of Migraine Drug

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Set for Saturday

Prescription Eardrops Seem Best for Kids With Recurrent Ear Infection: Study

Pricey New Blood Thinner Might Be Safer for Leg Clots

Primary Care Providers May Balk at Giving Teens Antidepressants

Probiotics Not Warranted for Seniors Taking Antibiotics: Study

Program Helps Heart Patients Stick With Meds After Leaving Hospital

Protecting Children From Poison Emergencies

Psoriasis Drug May Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes: Report

Quitting Tips for Thursday's Great American Smokeout

Rare, But Serious, Side Effect Reported With One MS Drug

Reality TV Star Discusses Addiction Recovery

Reducing Respiratory Virus in Preemies Lessens Wheezing: Study

Repeat Drug Overdoses Raise Risk for Hospitalization, Ventilator Care

Report Questions Effectiveness of Flu Meds

Rheumatoid Arthritis Increases Potential for Blood Clots, Study Suggests

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment May Not Work As Well for Heavier Patients

Scientists Can't Replicate Surprising Finding on Alzheimer's Treatment

Secure Your Prescription Drugs When Hosting Holiday Parties: Experts

Sharp Rise in Drug Overdoses Among U.S. Women: CDC

Sickle Cell Drug Reduces Symptoms, Health Costs Alike, Study Finds

Simple Strategies Aren't Always Enough for Bedwetting

Skipping Meds May Raise Odds of ER Visits for Certain Medicare Patients

Smartphones May Help Nursing Home Docs Spot Drug Mishaps

So Long Snow, Hello Pollen

Soaring Prices Keep Leukemia Drugs From Patients, Experts Say

Soaring Prices, Not Demand, Behind Massive Hike in U.S. Health Spending

Some Antidepressants Linked to Bleeding Risk With Surgery

Some Diabetes Drugs May Affect Cancer Risk in Women: Study

Some Painkillers Tied to Certain Birth Defects in Study

Statin Therapy May Prevent Delirium in Critically Ill Patients

Statin Use Linked to Lower Prostate Cancer Death Risk

Statin Use May Reduce Parkinson's Risk, Study Says

Statins Not Linked to Memory Loss, Dementia, Review Suggests

Statins Plus Certain Antibiotics May Set Off Toxic Reaction: Study

Steroids Often Prescribed for Psoriasis, Countering Guidelines

Stress Leads Some Doctors to Abuse Prescription Drugs, Study Says

Stroke Risk Spikes Shortly After Shingles Episode: Study

Study Adds to Signs Linking HIV to Heart Trouble

Study Clears Certain Antibiotics of Serious Eye Risk

Study Finds 1 in 3 Tennesseans Uses Narcotic Painkillers Each Year

Study Finds Doctors Prescribing More Sedatives

Study Finds Two Drugs Aren't Better Than One for Kidney Disease

Study of Genetic Condition May Yield Clues to Cause of Allergies

Study Sees No Evidence Linking Diabetes Drugs With Pancreatic Cancer

Study Sees No Suicide Risk From Stop-Smoking Drugs

Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys

Study: Kids With ADHD, Aggression May Benefit From 2nd Med

Surgery Might Top Drugs as First Therapy for Irregular Heartbeat: Study

Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy May Not Raise Autism Risk

Taking Blood Thinners With Certain Painkillers May Raise Bleeding Risk

Taking Drug to Prevent HIV Doesn't Seem to Encourage Risk-Taking

Talk Therapy Can Ease Depression, But No Single Type Deemed 'Best'

Tamiflu Saved Lives During Swine Flu Pandemic, Study Confirms

Tamoxifen's Mental Side Effects Are Real, Study Shows

Text Message From Your Heart Doc: 'Take Your Medicine'

Thalidomide May Help Kids With Crohn's Disease

Tips for Being a Partner in Your Own Care

Too Few Americans Aware of Their High Blood Pressure: Study

Too Many Foster Kids With ADHD Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: Study

Two Drugs Work Equally Well for Epileptic Seizures in Kids: Study

Two-Pronged Anxiety Treatment Aids Older Adults

U.S. Cancer Patients Suffering From Drug Shortages

U.S. Health Spending Rising Modestly, Report Finds

U.S. Nursing Homes Reducing Use of Antipsychotic Drugs

U.S. Officials Target Escalating Drug Overdoses

U.S. Spends 5 Times More Than U.K. on Antibiotics for Kids: Study

Ultra-Early Treatment Reduces Disability After Stroke: Study

Warfarin Safe for Kidney Patients With Irregular Heartbeat: Study

What Not to Do for Migraines

Women at High Breast Cancer Risk Should Consider Preventive Drugs: Experts

Young Americans' Prescription Med Abuse Still Down: Report

Your Contact Lens Might Someday Dispense Eye Drugs