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Palomar Health volunteers support Amgen Tour of California bike race


Palomar Health had a helpful presence over the weekend in America’s version of the Tour de France bike race, which this year kicked off in downtown Escondido.

Several Palomar Health employees, including RNs, volunteered their day to staff a first aid tent near the starting line for the Amgen Tour of California, which drew large crowds of spectators. They provided assistance for scrapes and cuts and distributed cold drinks and sun screen on a day when temperatures hovered in the 90s.



The first-stage of the race covered large parts of the Palomar Health district, including Ramona, San Pasqual Valley, Ramona, Julian, Palomar Mountain and Valley Center.

The eight-day race concludes in Santa Rosa in Northern California this Sunday.

Special thanks to the following Palomar Health employees for their time and help: Cecil Brown, Lori Froland, Mary McNutt, Margaret Clutter, Grace Jallorina, Deena Fahrnkopf, Kristin Hernandez, Elly Garner and Mark Neu.




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