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Palomar Health hosts Chilean Pharmacist via International Program



Paula Araneda and Dr. Olga DeTorres

While it is known as a world-class place for healing, the new Palomar Medical Center (PMC) is also a learning lab. Just ask Paula Araneda Parischewsky, MS of Chile. The South American pharmacist recently spent one week training in the Pharmacy Department at PMC as part of an international program.

Mrs. Araneda, 41, (left in picture) came to learn about Palomar Health’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) under the direction of Olga DeTorres, (right in picture) FASHP, BCPS-ID, Infectious Disease Clinical Pharmacy Specialist. Dr. DeTorres, who is of Colombian descent, said Mrs. Araneda came to the right place. “We have one of the best models in Southern California,” she said.

The purpose of the ASP is to measure and promote the appropriate use of antimicrobials to improve patient outcomes while minimizing toxicity and the emergence of antimicrobial resistance.

Paula, who speaks English, rounded with Dr. DeTorres and met with physicians and other pharmacists. She plans to implement a similar program at the Clinica Mutual Concepcion in her home country, where she is a pain management clinical pharmacist. “I was able to learn more here about antibiotics and infectious diseases,” she said.

Paula’s participation this spring was made possible through the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) International Clinical Pharmacist Program. The program supports the Pharmabridge project, which aims to strengthen pharmaceutical services and pharmacy education in developing and transi¬tional countries. She spent the first two weeks of her visit learning new pain management strategies at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. Next year, Dr. DeTorres plans to visit Paula’s hospital in Chile and help them launch their own ASP.

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