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X-STOP®: A New Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treatment at Palomar Health

Palomar Health is proud to offer the X–STOP® procedure, a new spinal stenosis surgery that is a minimally invasive treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis patients in North San Diego County and South Riverside County.

A revolutionary new back surgery, the X-STOP® Interspinous Process Decompression (IPD®) System is proving effective in relieving chronic pain associated with spinal stenosis.

A 2005 study found a high degree of patient satisfaction with the X-STOP implant. Two years after surgery, 73 percent of patients were satisfied with the results, which included improved physical ability and fewer symptoms.

How Does X-STOP Treat Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

A titanium implant keeps the spinal canal open, which relieves compression that has caused the pain. The device is surgically implanted in a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia in less than an hour. Patients typically go home the same day.

Most patients have a rapid recovery over a few weeks as the incision heals. They quickly resume normal activities without any restrictions.

“X-STOP offers incredibly fast improvement for patients who have lived with debilitating pain because of spinal stenosis,” said Sohaib Kureshi, M.D., a neurosurgeon who participated in the clinical trials of the X-STOP implant prior to FDA approval in 2005. He and other credentialed surgeons are performing the X-STOP procedure at Palomar Medical Center.

“The unique design with wings holds the implant firmly in place, preventing it from sliding side to side or moving from front to back,” said Dr. Kureshi.

Because it is not fixed to any bony structures, the X-STOP procedure does not require fusion.

“In terms of quality of life, we see an immediate improvement from patients because their pain is relieved so quickly,” said Dr. Kureshi. “There is a potential additional benefit of improving fitness because patients may become more active once the pain has been relieved.”

Overview of the Spine

  • The spine is a complex structure of bones, discs and nerves that are supported by muscles and ligaments.
  • The spinal cord is housed in the spinal canal, a long vertical hole in the center of the spine.
  • The spinal cord and nerves that extend out into the entire body are part of the central nervous system that includes the brain.
  • Learn more about the anatomy of the spine.

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