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Where We Serve

Palomar Health Volunteer Service Descriptions

PMC ~Palomar Medical Center
POM ~ Pomerado Hospital

Auxiliary Office

Volunteer provides Administrative office support. Includes compilation of various nursing charts and ordering/ stocking of supplies. Should be skilled in telephone etiquette, guest relations and excellent customer service. Typing helpful but not necessary.

Acute Rehabilitation (PMC ONLY)

Volunteers visit with patients, providing emotional support and positive encouragement. They help with meals, escort patients to various destinations, help with patient transfers at discharge. They also participate in recreational activities as directed by staff and run errands for staff when requested. Volunteers must have a positive attitude and wear a smile while working on this service.

Behavioral Health Unit (PMC ONLY)

Volunteers interested in working on this service will be screened first by the Volunteer Chairman. If suitable for the position, volunteers will next be referred to the Program Manager of this Service, for a second screening. At that point, a decision will be made to determine if volunteer is suitable for this service.

Service description as follows:
- Screens visitors
- Spends time in various activities with patients as appropriate
- Assists visitors with belongings which may require lock-up
- Answers multi-phone lines
- Files and copies information
- Collates packets
- Runs errands for staff

Volunteers must be mature, self confident, able to handle stressful situations and have good “people” skills.

Beverage Cart

Volunteers distribute beverages from a mobile beverage cart throughout departments. Requires excellent customer service and “people” skills.
(Service inactive at both facilities at the moment.)

Birth Center (PMC)

Volunteers work under the direction of the nurses. Duties may include baby baths, patient transfer or discharge, errands for the nursing staff, distributing water and snacks to the patients. Special departmental training necessary. Physically demanding.

Birth Center (POM)

Volunteers collate and distribute complimentary gifts to new mothers, assist in transfer and discharge of patients, run errands for staff, specifically lab specimens, serve beverages and meal trays as needed, offer warm blankets to mothers, assemble Fetal Demise and layette boxes, general stocking and taking pictures of new infants.

Cafeteria (POM ONLY)

Must be able to operate cash register and handle purchasing transactions in cafeteria line. Excellent customer service skills are needed, and must be flexible and able to determine priorities. Assists with monitoring and stocking cafeteria supplies.

Clinical Education – Cancer Research (POM ONLY)

Assembles charts and packets of educational information. Medical background with limited medical terminology helpful. General office work as needed.

Emergency Room (PMC)

Acts as liaison between nurse in charge and relatives and friends of patients. Directs patients, gets wheelchairs, assembles materials, straightens and stocks rooms. Must be able to handle stressful situations and have good guest relation skills.

Emergency Room (POM)

Helps with transport of patients to rooms and exit areas, operates wheelchairs and gurneys as needed, runs errands for staff, assists in keeping waiting rooms tidy and stocked with reading materials, provides emotional support to visitors and families. Various duties as required/requested by staff. Must be able to prioritize and handle stressful situations.

Employee Health (PMC ONLY)

Works reception desk and assists staff with clerical duties. Directs visitors and patients to appropriate destinations. Opportunity for advancement

Escondido Surgery Center (Escondido only – Offsite)

Assists in the recovery room and transports patients to their cars. Helps in the business office with filing as needed and covers the phones when needed. Good guest relation skills and telephone etiquette are needed.


Must be able to warmly welcome all Palomar Health customers, assist in patient transfer to or from automobiles with wheelchairs. Must demonstrate helpful, courteous information to the public and patients as well as staff.

Family Waiting (POM Only)

Must be able to greet patient families with ease and comfort, and instruct families regarding their relative’s surgical status respectfully and compassionately. Must be able to establish good communication with the OR and PACU staff. Needs to know how to solve problems relative to surgical delays, and address the anxiety families experience during surgical waiting, is required.

Gift Cart (PMC Only)

Volunteers take items from gift shop to patient floors, selling gifts, toiletries, etc. Must push cart with another volunteer and needs to handle money and make change.

Gift Shop

Excellent customer skills required for work in retail shop. Operates cash register and credit card machine, stocks shelves and sells to customers. Sales experience not necessary, but helpful.

Hearts in Hand (PMC Only)

Machine- and hand-sew hand puppets for children in Emergency Room or Pediatrics, and make heart-shaped pillows for open heart and surgical patients.

ICU (POM Only)

Assists staff with visitors, supplies, errands, and office duties as needed. Must be able to handle stressful situations with compassion and efficiency.

Laboratory (POM Only)

Must be able to greet patients, run errands, answer phones and general office assistance.

Lobby Reception Desk

Works as receptionist in the main lobby, guiding visitors and patients, delivering flowers and mail. Computer "friendly" helpful, but not necessary. Must have excellent customer skills in every situation and be able to problem-solve with compassion and calm.

Needlework – Crafts (POM Only)

Volunteers make handmade puppets for visiting children and patients, heart pillows for cardiac patients. Some crochet and knit beautiful baby caps and blankets for our newborns. Must have experience with knitting, sewing, or crafts. Ability to operation sewing machine helpful.

Newspaper/Library/Magazine Cart

Organize magazines and pocket books contributed to the Auxiliary. Distribute magazines to waiting rooms, oversee used bookrack and maintain library for patients.

Medical Library (PMC Only)

Volunteers assist the Librarian in maintaining an orderly collection, meeting information requests from library patrons, and in carrying out special projects.

Outpatient Rehab (PMC Only)

Greets patients and assists with admission paperwork. Socializes with patients while waiting for services. Transports patients to car, if needed. Some paperwork duties. Must have excellent customer service skills.

Out Patient Rehab – Phone Service (PMC Only)
Makes phone calls to confirm appointments. Must have good phone skills

Outpatient Surgery (POM Only)

Greets and transports patients, assists staff with errands and office needs as well as provides support and hospitality to all customers.

Pediatrics (PMC Only)

Assists at the front desk with phones and visitor screening. Assists with feeding babies, playing with children and reading to them. Restocks areas as needed. Must be good with children of all ages.


Volunteers distribute medications to the nursing floors, assist with paperwork and filing. Extensive walking; must be able to use the stairways.

Radiation – Oncology (PMC Only)

Assists clerical staff with weekly filing. Keeps the waiting area tidy and assists patients in wheel chairs. Must be a” people person” and have basic office skills.

Rotational Pool (PMC Only)

The Rotational Pool allows volunteers to train for several services. Upon completion of this training they remain in the pool as substitutes, or join a regular service in which they have been trained. Volunteers must be mature, self confident and able to handle stressful situations. They must be able to be on their feet for long periods of time, and be able to handle wheel chairs.


Volunteers tour campus area, picking up patients/visitors and transporting them to and from the lobby area. They also assist patients/visitors in finding lost cars, and acting as “ambassadors” for the hospital. They must have “people” skills and be able to handle stressful situations. Volunteers must have a current California Driver’s License, and a safe driving record

Surgery Pre-Admit (PMC Only)

Assists nurses putting together patient charts. Volunteer must have basic office skills.

Surgery Prep Area (PMC Only)

The Surgery Prep Area is a very busy service. Tasks are many and varied. The volunteer assists the nursing staff in clerical duties, answers phones, keeps the surgical beds clean and ready for use, helps with patient discharges, and helps patients to their cars in wheel chairs. Volunteers must be able to be on their feet for long periods of time and be abler to handle wheel chairs

Surgery Waiting (PMC Only)

Acts as liaison between operating rooms and recovery room and patients’ families. Must be able to handle stressful situations.

Special Projects “We’ve Got You Covered” – (PMC Only)

Volunteers will be “on call” to assist in special projects when they arise.

Villa Pomerado (POM campus only)

Greets families, runs errands, assists with residents activities and requested needs of staff. Various opportunities to “connect” with these residents for improvement of “quality of life”. New “Sunday’s in the Courtyard” activity receiving “rave reviews” from residents and staff. Residents and volunteers meet on Sunday afternoon in the outside courtyard for refreshments, fresh air and socializing - a resident “favorite.”