Internship Admissions:

Admissions Requirements

In order to be eligible to participate as an Intern, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old by the date of your interview (16 for Level I High School Internship)
  • One year of availablility to participate (6 months for Level I High School Internship)
  • Valid Social Security Number & can pass background check
  • Speak and read English fluently
  • Daily access to email
  • Reliable transporation to and from Escondido and Poway
  • One-time, non-refundable $75 on-boarding fee (if accepted)



2014 D Interviews for the Pathmaker Internship are now


Please follow the instructions below to sign up for an available interview and download the appropriate application documents.

Please email if you have any questions




Interview/On-boarding Timeline for 2014 D:

Here are the important Milestones you should be aware of for the 2014 D Application and On-boarding Cycle:

  • 2014 D Interviews & Application Open: Mid July, 2014
  • Invitation for Interview Readiness Workshops (for applicants with interview appointments) sent - Starting July 25th, 
  • Interviews Occur: August 16th - September 6th
  • Acceptance Notifications SENT: September 14th

The on-boarding process will begin once the acceptance notifications are sent and will continue through November

  • Orientation Module 1 Sessions (tentative): October 18th
  • Orientation Module 2 & 3 Sessions (tentative): October 25th and 26th
  • Department-Specific Orientation & Training: November 1st-31st
  • Official Start Date (if cleared): December 1st

The session dates are approximate and may change once conditional acceptances have gone out. If you know you will be unavailable for these dates (out of town, in school, etc.), it is recommended that you delay applying until you are able to make the required dates.

Availability for the first rotation: Please note, as a new intern you will be expected to serve one 4-hour shift per week for the course of your first rotation without a gap between shifts of more than 14 days. This mean that for 2014 D, you should only anticipate applying if you plan to be available for the On-boarding & Orientation dates above, and weekly from December 1st to February 28th.


Step 1: Schedule an Interview Appointment

Interviews for the Internship are held quarterly. Due to the large number of interested applicants, not all those who interview will be accepted to the internship.

  • Follow THIS LINK to schedule an interview appointment online
  • Interviews are held quarterly, if you are unable to find an available interview time, please email to contact our Recruitment Team about possible waitlist opportunities

Step 2: Review the Requirements Packet 

In order to be prepared for the upcoming onboarding process, you must review the 2014 D Pathmaker Requirements Packet. You will be responsible for this information and will need to sign off on your application that you have read and understood the content included in the packet

The Requirments Packet can be downloaded HERE

You will want to save a copy of this packet for reference during your application cycle.


Step 3: Complete the Internship Application

  • Download the appropriate application and bring your completed application to your scheduled interview.
    • Click HERE to download the application for the Pathmaker Level I (High School) Internship
  • Click HERE to download the application for the Pathmaker Level II/III (College/Adult)* Internship

The application form and all written responses should be completed and the application should be signed prior to the interview. The application will be collected when you arrive for your interview appointment.

Supporting materials (resume, cover letter, etc.) are currently not required with the application.

**Please make sure that you download the current application, as older applications will NOT be accepted.


Important Information for Applicants:

- Applicants arriving to their interview without an application or with an incomplete application will be asked to re-schedule. Applications should be typed using ONLY the current application form above (re-applicants should submit a new application for this interview cycle)

- *If you are interested in the Medical Interpreting Program, please sign up for a Level II interview and download the application for the Level II program, you must be accepted to the Level II Internship and complete the first full rotation before being eligible to apply for the Interpreting Program.

- For any additional information/questions, please contact the Pathmaker Internship at Palomar Health: 760.432.1060 or email

- Interns are accepted and on-boarded every three months, with start dates of September 1st, December 1st, March 1st and June 1st. Please note that interviews scheduled to take place around those times will be for the NEXT cycle (e.g. if you interview in September, you will be starting December 1st)

- Prior to each interview cycle, a small number of Interview Readiness Workshops are held to help prepare those applicants who have not had extensive previous experience with professional interviews before. These dates and times will be sent out to all applicants with confirmed appointment times in advance of the workshop. Please contact our Recruitment Team for more details.