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Our Approach Puts You in the Centre

Our goal is to get you to the most appropriate spine specialist as quick as possible—and then to ensure that your treatments are working. At the ActivCentre, you and your treatment team will create a personalized treatment pathway which includes a combination of advanced diagnostics, evidence-based treatments and supportive integrative therapies.

Your path to feeling better starts today:

  1. You start with a simple, 15-minute phone call with an Intake Specialist.
  2. Shortly after your first call, your assigned Nurse Navigator will contact you to discuss your first appointment.
  3. Once the probable cause of your pain is determined, your care team will work with you to develop a custom treatment pathway.
  4. Your Nurse Navigator will continue to coordinate your treatment pathway, acting as your personal health advocate at every step.
  5. You’ll continue treatment until you’ve reached your goal, or we will adjust your path as needed.

All Palomar Health spine services through one phone number

Starting with the first phone call, you and an Intake Specialist will discuss your symptoms, including your pain levels, when your pain started, and previous medical treatments you’ve had. That information is then reviewed by a physician and a Nurse Navigator is assigned to you. The Nurse Navigator will make your entire experience as seamless as possible, starting with scheduling your first appointment with the most appropriate specialist.

Personalized coordination of your care

An ActivCentre Nurse Navigator will act as your personal advocate - scheduling your appointments, coordinating with your primary care physician and coordinating diagnostics, treatments and therapy without delay. Once you're a patient of the ActivCentre, our focus is always on you. And you are free to contact your Nurse Navigator directly with any questions or concerns.

Make the call today

Just call 858.613.6252 or toll-free 855.35-ACTIV and we'll start you on the path that leads you back to your normal routine.



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