Administrative Fellowship

The Administrative Fellowship at Palomar Health is a one-year program designed to provide an opportunity to build valuable professional experience and relationships within Palomar Health and the larger community as a whole. The fellowship program is coordinated under the direction of President and CEO Bob Hemker and includes a high degree of preceptor involvement from all members of the Palomar Health Executive Management Team. There is an emphasis on active involvement and becoming an independent contributing member of the Palomar Health team. In addition, there is significant exposure to management decision-making through interaction and observation at Leadership, Medical Staff, Facility Rounding and Community & Board of Directors meetings.

Palomar Health

Palomar Health is the largest public health care system in the state of California that is in the midst of a billion dollar facilities expansion (courtesy of Proposition BB) which will make us one of the most modern healthcare systems in the nation. Palomar Health has received national recognition for the innovative design of the new facility. 


To heal, comfort, and promote health in the communities we serve. 


Palomar Health will be the health system of choice for patients, physicians, and employees, recognized nationally for the highest quality of clinical care and access to comprehensive services.

Palomar Health Core Values

Patients' Well Being: We passionately give and support heartfelt care that encourages patient comfort and safety.
Professionalism: Each of us takes pride in teamwork, self-discipline, our skills and trustworthiness.
Highest Quality: We are each accountable for providing the safest, most effective and innovative care.


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