"I have been afforded the opportunity of a lifetime with the Palomar Health Administrative Fellowship. This experience allowed me to explore the world of healthcare, connect with an amazing group of leaders, and understand an outstanding organization from the highest level. With journal clubs, weekly journals to Michael, shadowing opportunities, and involvement with any area of the system that I was interested in, this experience was truly unique and unlike any other fellowship in the country.

In one year, I was able to observe, explore, and create more than most people have in 10 years of being in a career. The knowledge sharing that was present during my fellowship was extraordinary and really showed me what mentorship and coaching is all about. Project work was challenging and the relationships made were meaningful. Most of all, the Palomar Health Administrative Fellowship allowed me to learn about myself as an emerging leader. I am now able to go into the world with the tools needed to be a successful healthcare administrator.”

Vicki Shumulinsky, MHA
2011-2012 Administrative Fellow

"As a Palomar Health senior executive, I believe we should all have the desire to mentor others. Serving in a mentoring relationship has been a rewarding experience."

Shelia Brown, FACHE
Chief Clinical Outreach Officer

"The best part of the Administrative Fellowship is the fresh perspectives, energy, and inquisitiveness that a new fellow affords. I look forward to this every year."

Gerald Bracht, FACHE
Chief Administrative Officer Palomar Medical Center Escondido

"The Administrative Fellowship at Palomar Health is an excellent opportunity for a new graduate to hit the ground running. The overall involvement and exposure to our administrative teams, projects and processes presents a wonderful learning lab and experience."

Steve Gold
Administrator, Skilled Nursing Facilities

"The energy and enthusiasm of the fellows are a real bonus when they are on our project teams. They bring a fresh perspective, and are always willing to pitch in to get the job done."

Carrie Frederick
Director of Performance Excellence

" I feel quite honored to have served as the 2008-2009 Administrative Fellow. It was the perfect stepping stone for my career, and I learned a myriad of valuable lessons throughout the year. A combination of challenging project work, exposure to executive leadership and a supportive learning environment are the cornerstones of this Administrative Fellowship. Direct access and constant interaction with the CEO allows the Fellow to learn so much, not only about leadership and health-care organizations, but provides opportunity for self reflection and growth. My preceptor always challenged me to look at situations from all perspectives and to never take anything at face value. This allowed me to mature as a health-care administrator and afforded me a set of skills I will use throughout my career.

I am forever indebted to Palomar Health for giving me the opportunity to explore health-care administration in this manner. The skills I have acquired have undoubtedly created a solid foundation for my career as a health-care administrator.

Joanna Sainmervil, MHA
2008-2009 Administrative Fellow

 "It was a pleasure to serve as the most recent Administrative Fellow at Palomar Health. The Palomar Health Administrative Fellowship gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with administrative leaders at all levels of the organization and to gain a better understanding of how organizations truly function. On a daily basis I was exposed to high level decision making, providing me an opportunity to bridge theory and practical application.

"During the fellowship I had open access to everything within the organization including a variety of opportunities for project work. This was invaluable and the “hands on” work experience has enabled me to develop my skills as a young administrator and to gain insight into my specific areas of interest.

"The purpose of this year was to learn and grow from all of my experiences. Success during my Administrative Fellowship was not defined as not coming out knowing everything but rather developing my ability to observe, learn and grow from experiences. There is no other time where it will be safe and appropriate for you to explore an organization the way that you are allowed to during your fellowship.

"The most important thing that I learned last year was to always reflect on your experiences. This is a skill that is critical so that you have the ability to improve. If I had to do it all over again, I make the same decision to complete the fellowship with Palomar Health. The organization is wonderful and very supportive of the Administrative Fellowship."

Natalie Bennett, MHA
2007-08 Administrative Fellow

"It was a pleasure to serve as an administrative fellow at Palomar Health. I likened my fellowship to a laboratory where I was able to absorb a wealth of information and work on projects which I was passionate about. I also had the ability to learn from top leaders within the healthcare industry and acquire skills I would not have ordinarily gained during my academic training.

"The Palomar Health fellowship is different from most fellowships because it is project based and it allows you to have exposure to high-level decision-making meetings. I had access to work and attend meetings with the executive management team members, board members, physicians, and local and state leaders. This experience was invaluable because I saw how policy changes on a national level could affect our organization locally.

"When I was not attending meetings I was involved in activities where I kept a weekly journal, in which I reflected on the things that I learned, and then I tied them back to projects from graduate school. Once a week I discussed my journal entries with my preceptor and he further challenged me with additional questions. My projects included working on developing the Strategic Plan for our forthcoming Neurosciences Center of Excellence, helping to create the strategic plan for Information Technology department, and streamlining processes to help with patient access for our Rehabilitation Center. By working on projects of this nature, it provided me with the opportunity to give back to my organization and put my academic learning to use. 

"Some of the greatest things I learned while being a fellow was that it is more than just completing projects it is about self-reflection, learning how to take risks, and understanding how important it is to surround yourself  by talented individuals which can help you become successful."

Kwaja Floyd, MHSA
2006 -2007 Administrative Fellow

 "The Palomar Health Administrative Fellowship awarded me the opportunity to be exposed to the highest levels of executive decision making, to be an independent contributing member of the executive management team, to gain valuable project management skills and the opportunity to interact with executives, physicians, board members, national health care experts, local community leaders and various other stakeholders who contribute to the organization carrying forth its mission and vision.

Arguably the greatest experience I had was taking a rising concept from a newspaper article to developing a business plan for a service that was eventually accepted by the Board of Directors for implementation! I can't imagine many other fellowship programs that will allow a Fellow to think so creatively, contribute so early on in your career and provide you with the independence to have a new service accepted by the Board!

I would strongly recommend the Palomar Health Administrative Fellowship to any health care leader seeking to gain a foundation in health care leadership and work under the direction of a CEO who has been through this process over 30 times in his career"

Stonish Pierce, MHA, FACHE
2005-2006 Administrative Fellow

 "My fellowship at Palomar Health provided an invaluable opportunity to learn about the ins-and-outs of a large public health care district. It has allowed me access to board members, executives and directors and into meetings and projects I would otherwise not have been exposed to. I am most impressed with the level of trust and openness senior leadership had in me to work on high level projects that were impactful for the entire organization. They encouraged and allowed me the freedom to be creative in my work in a supportive and collaborative environment. 

I strongly believe Palomar Health offers one of the most unique and rigorous fellowships in the country. Under the direction of the Preceptor, who has trained over 30 young professionals in his career, it is a testament to his commitment and passion for developing the next generation of healthcare leaders. From journal entries to journal clubs, to ideas and projects that started off small but led to full time jobs, this is the perfect environment for a Fellow to observe, participate, and grow. The fellowship year at Palomar Health is about YOU - your interests, your dislikes, your perspectives and your values. My one-year experience here and the connections that I formed during my fellowship will continue to serve me well today and in the future."

Anna Ha, MHA
2009-2010 Administrative Fellow


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