Favorite Things...

01. January 2011

I’ve been an Oprah fan since the mid 80’s when she first appeared in syndication on San Diego’s Channel 10. She’s a tremendous on-air talent, a brilliant businesswoman, down-to-earth and has managed to maintain a level of class you just don’t see on other TV talk shows.

When I met the “Queen of Talk,” I got to see first-hand what makes Oprah so loved, by so many. Success has never corrupted Oprah, and after all these years, what you see is what you get. She’s the real deal.

I’ll miss her show, but am excited to see the launch of her own broadcast network.
There’s no doubt, Oprah’s ability to re-invent herself over the years has been key to her success.

One of my favorite things about Oprah is her annual list of “Favorite Things.” The show (and companion article is her “O” Magazine) highlights her personal picks, for gift ideas and herself. In fact, because of Oprah’s latest recommendations, I ordered the Discovery Channel’s DVD set “All Creatures Great and Small.” It’s phenomenal.

And it got me to thinking. I’ll bet we all have a “favorite things” list. So I jotted down a few of my own.

Don’t worry, I won’t plagiarize Oprah’s famous title. Under the category of health, beauty and well-being, let’s call this:

“Carol’s Can’t-Do-Without” list. (Not a very classy title, but then again, I’m not Oprah!)

  1. Penta Water. Ultra-purified water molecularly altered to super-hydrate the body’s cells. (I know… sounded crazy to me, too.) But since the San Diego-based company’s founding in 1999, I chug 16-oz. bottles of Penta before a workout or race… before making a speech… before any activity I want to be at my best physically and mentally.
  2. Zella Activewear. The cutest, most flattering and affordable workout clothes I’ve ever worn. Available at Nordstrom, shopzilla.com and other on-line retailers.
  3. Aqua Sphere SEAL swim masks. Super-comfortable goggle/mask hybrid. Patented construction allows for great peripheral vision. No deep “goggle lines.” Available in clear and tinted lenses. (I love my amber lenses on a sunny day at La Jolla Cove!) Get ‘em at Paradowski’s Swim Supply in Kearny Mesa or at swimoutlet.com.
  4. BrightReaders. These LED lighted reading glasses are great for reading without disturbing others, doing detailed crafts or hobbies, but an absolute MUST, trying to read the menu in a dark restaurant. (Wish I’d thought of it!!)
  5. Jesus Calling. By far, my favorite daily devotional. Sarah Young has compiled hundreds of encouraging Biblical promises… written 1st person, as if Jesus Himself were speaking to you! Available at amazon.com.
  6. Maybelline mascara. The pink tube is still the best! Hasn’t changed since I was in high school. I shouldn’t have either. Could kick myself for wasting so much money over the years on department store brands.
  7. “Enjoy” leave-in conditioner. Oceanside-based hair-care line. Love the styling gel, but the light spray conditioner is perfect for my fine hair.
  8. Cytomax. This high-performance drink was developed for big-time athletes. But why shouldn’t I feel just as good during MY workouts? This powerful powder (I like the Tangy Orange!) is packed with all kinds of natural ingredients and electrolytes for sustained energy. Available at all major health food stores.
  9. Oxy-Clean. Everyone knows I’m domestically challenged, but I love doing the laundry! This stuff really does make the whites, whiter!
  10. Jornee’ facial moisturizer. This is a guilty pleasure. This rather pricey (about $30 a month) restorative day cream contains a little tint with a “glow.” It’s dermatologist-grade skin-care, and worth every penny.

And I didn’t even get to Kashi cereal bars, Croc sandals and Trader Joes incredible “Purify” Tangerine Sugar Scrub! Somebody stop me!

But you get the point. Send me along some of your faves and we’ll compare notes. Word of mouth is still the best advertising. Sure hasn’t hurt Oprah!

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