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Meet Bing, My New Cat!

04. December 2012

I lost my sweet kitty “Little Girl” recently.  I can’t even describe how much I miss the not-so-little rescue tabby that brightened my life and our home for many years.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the faithful feline who never left my side as I recovered from breast cancer surgery earlier this year, succumbed two months ago to an aggressive form of lung cancer.

For weeks, I instinctively looked for Little Girl on her favorite chair in the office and   longed for the warm spot she created curled up against my leg as I slept. It’s not that I haven’t loved and lost a precious pet before.  It just seemed to hurt more this time.

But time really does heal, and after two months, Tom and I realized our house just wasn’t a home without a cat to love. And with so many kitties out there who needed love, we decided now was the time. With countless shelters and rescue facilities from which to choose, we started in our own backyard at the wonderful Coronado Animal Care Facility.

It was Samantha who first caught my eye. The stunning 10-year-old calico was seated majestically atop her kitty condo. But as I reached out to pet her, a scrawny black kitten climbed right up my leg! Like Velcro, Little Luigi stuck with me while I met the rest of the gang. 

Rufus, a rambunctious 7-month-old butterscotch…Levi, a thoughtful tabby… timid but sweet Sarah…loveable Lucy and two darling, little jet-black brothers named Miney and Mo. And that was just the first enclosure.

As we wandered the facility, (Luigi still hanging around my neck!)  Tom alerted me to a quiet, one-year old female intently (hopefully?) watching us from her cage.  Looking back, I believe the timid little white cat with tabby markings chose us.  Because as “Bing” purred and nuzzled our hands, I knew I was ready to love another kitty. 

Bing, Luigi, Samantha and the rest of the gang at Coronado’s Animal Care Facility are ready to adopt and love because of an amazing grass roots organization called PAWS, Pacific Animal Welfare Society of Coronado (pawsofcoronado.org).

The team at PAWS believes that “Saving the life of one animal will not change the world, but for that one animal, the world will change forever.” 

Since 2003, PAWS has worked closely with the Coronado Animal Care Facility to provide shelter and find homes for the orphaned cats and dogs of Coronado…including stray or abandoned animals, those surrendered by their humans or rescued from abuse or neglect.

From the moment we entered the facility, the animals in their care were extremely socialized relaxed, trusting and loving.  I learned it’s due, in large part, to the PAWS cat petting (and dog walking) programs.

Because of the caring hands and hearts of the ACF staff and PAWS volunteers, our new buddy, Bing has quickly and effortlessly become part of our family. In fact, in true cat style, Bing has quickly becoming the boss around here!  She’s a love and we’re blessed to have found her. 

Actually, I think Bing found us!

If you’re looking for a pet to love, consider rescuing a cute critter from one of many animal rescue facilities in San Diego County including:

  • San Diego County Humane Society (San Diego)
  • Friends of Cats (El Cajon)
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center (Rancho Santa Fe)


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