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Carol's Health Journal04. June 2011

Bliss… What a great word! It’s that unbridled sense of joy and wellbeing that comes from deep within. Webster’s calls it ecstasy, intense satisfaction… spiritual joy. Even “happy” can’t beat bliss.

Don’t get me wrong. Happy is good. Happiness is that burst of feeling that comes from a word of affirmation, a favorite song, an unexpected check in the mail or the sight of a dog… ears pinned pack by the wind hanging out the window of a passing car. (OK, so that makes ME happy!) But happiness is often fleeting, typically based on the events of the moment.

Bliss is so much more. It’s deeper… like a wellspring, overflowing from the center of the soul. My bliss is that sense of peace, contentment and gratefulness I find at the water’s edge… ocean waves rhythmically crashing against a rocky shore. I just want to yell at the top of my lungs, “Thank you, God for life… for people who care, for the abundance of beauty all around me.”

Finding joy hasn’t always been easy. I believe I can experience bliss because I’ve also know despair… hopelessness so profound, I couldn’t see a way out. I was 34 years old, newly married with a career on the upswing when the dark clouds moved in and the depression enveloped me.

I was lucky. With the help of a board-certified psychiatric physician, I got help in the form of effective medication and excellent counseling. Within weeks the depression and anxiety subsided. But most importantly, I got back my joy. And I will never again take it for granted.

At Palomar Health, their Behavioral Health Services program meets the diverse and complex psychiatric and mental health needs of adults (18 years and older) and seniors with a comprehensive range of services.

If you would like more information or need to speak with someone, representatives are available 24-hours a day. Please call: 800.336.2000

If a dark cloud is blocking your bliss, take action now. Help is there and it’s entirely effective. Life’s too short to settle for sadness. Find your bliss.

Contact Carol by emailing her at Carol@palomarhealth.org.