Breast Cancer: It Happens to Men Too

04. October 2010

Bill Griffith knows about breast cancer firsthand. The popular Channel 10 news anchor is a 6-year survivor. I sat down recently with my friend and former colleague to talk about his very public battle with cancer.

CAROL: How did you learn you had breast cancer?

BILL: I felt a lump and had it checked out. My doctor wasn’t concerned, but a year later, the lump became inflamed. A biopsy confirmed it was cancer.

CAROL: Did you know men could develop breast cancer?

BILL: I knew it was possible. I just never thought it would happen to me.

CAROL: What was your treatment?

BILL: A bilateral mastectomy (I didn’t want to go through it again!) and chemo.

CAROL: How did Jenny (Bill’s wife) handle things?

BILL: She was so brave. We made a vow to be totally honest with one another. It was tough, cause we both wanted to be strong for each other.

CAROL: You’ve been so open…even blogging about your experiences.

BILL: I was in a unique position to speak out and Channel 10 was very supportive. It was a good way to explain my absence. But as I began to recover, interacting with my viewers became therapeutic.

CAROL: How so?

BILL: The journey became less about the physical challenges and more about the mental and spiritual challenges.

CAROL: What kept you going?

BILL: My family and my faith. The Lord brought me to it….and the Lord took me through it.

CAROL: Any advice for men?

BILL: The same as for women. If you feel a lump…get it checked.

CAROL: About the color pink….

BILL: Pink? It’s my favorite color!

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