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Girl Scout Birthday

05. March 2011

Courage.  Confidence. Character. 

Three words that pack a powerful punch.  Three traits not often found in a world often defined by a wimpy, whiny  “me-first” mentality. 

Those three words just happen to be the mission of an iconic organization that’s been serving girls for nearly a century.  Girl Scouts is about to achieve a major milestone and I think we should celebrate!

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!  100 years on March 12!  For any centenarian, that’s a big deal, but for those of us whose lives have been enriched because of our Girl Scout experience, we feel especially proud.

Like millions of women, Girl Scouts was a major part of my young life.  I got my start as a Brownie 50 years ago in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago.  After moving to Iowa, I continued my involvement through the Junior and Cadet programs.

I was blessed with parents who encouraged me to join Girl Scout  (my Mom was my first troop leader!) echoing the Girl Scout belief that there was nothing I couldn’t do (for which I had the aptitude) if I were a girl.  50 years ago, that was saying something!

With all that going for me, I was able to overcome many of life’s obstacles…shyness, insecurity and a weight problem so serious, the kids at school used to call me “Carol the Barrel!”   Those were tough growing times, but Girl Scouts gave me the courage, confidence and character to get beyond all that and become the woman God created me to be. 

And guess what?   After 100 years, I’m here to shout Girl Scouts is as relevant today as when Juliette Low founded the all-girls organization in 1912!

Today’s Girl Scouts are more than cookies and campfire songs.  Through their annual cookie drive, girls learn valuable hands-on entrepreneurial skills.  They also get the science and technology training they need to compete in a high-tech world. 

By the way, technology isn’t just for boys anymore…and, for that matter, neither is leadership.  While it’s good to see so many girls and women flourishing as today’s leaders, there is still an untapped resource of leaders in many of our girls who could do great things is only they get the chance to discover and develop those skills.  Girl Scouts provides those opportunities.

Look, the mission of Girl Scouts is critical, now more than ever.  While the culture attempts to pull our girls down a dead-end street of uber-sexualization, celebrity worship and  “YouTube” videos that can destroy their reputations…Girl Scouts continues to promote “courage, confidence and character” in our girls…the real keys to success and significance.

In honor of 100 years of serving girls, Girl Scouts has declared this the “Year of the Girl!”   So join me in celebrating the birthday of an organization that’s helped millions of girls reach their full potential.  Girl Scouts gave me what it took to dream big.  Let’s make sure every girl gets the same chance.

As chair of Girl Scouts’ 100thbirthday celebration in San Diego…be a part ofour year-long party. To get involved, go to sdgirlscouts.org.   All you former Girl Scouts out there remember, once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.”


“On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my country
To helps others at all times
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.”
---Girl Scout Promise

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