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Fat-Fighting Foods

10. April 2013

Spring may be in the air, but summer is just around the corner and that means swimsuit season is upon us. (At my age, it’s actually become more like capris and T-shirt season!) But whatever stage of undress you plan to display this summer, now’s the time to start paring down and tightening up.

Exercise is a great start, but eating right can get you to your goal weight faster than anything.

Like you, I hate, HATE dieting, but love little nutrition “tricks” that help maintain my weight without embarking on some cumbersome, complicated diet “program.”

Fortunately, some foods can actually help you fight fat! I’ve been “sneaking” some of these slimming super foods into my diet lately and already last year’s capri’s are feeling a little looser!

Perhaps these fat-fighting foods can help you look your best no matter what you plan to wear this summer!

1. Chili powder This spicy powder contains capsinoids, which burn belly fat. When volunteers in a 2009 study popped 6 grams of capsinoid oil a day, they lost five times as much fat as those who did not.
2. Grapefruit When volunteers ate half a grapefruit before every meal in a University of Arizona study, they shaved an inch off their waists, thanks to naringenin, which experts say may help burn fat.
3. Nonfat ricotta Muscle loss as you age can tank your metabolism. Made from whey protein, ricotta can enhance muscle building and metabolism.
4. Bell peppers Vitamin C is an unsung weight loss weapon, and one bell pepper provides twice your daily dose.
5. Romaine lettuce Filling up with a leafy green can trim the overall number of calories you eat by 10 percent; two cups of romaine rack up half your daily fill of Vitamin A, plus 11.3 percent of bone-building Vitamin K.
6. Nuts Their satisfying trifecta of protein, healthy fat and fiber can help you slim down. To slow your intake, choose nuts in their shells.
7. Melon Satisfy your sweet tooth by spooning a thick slice from the rind for just 45 calories.
8. Canned salmon Protein requires more calories to digest and keeps you feeling full. With nearly 17 grams of it per three ounces, salmon makes getting your fill of protein a breeze. (If, like me, you just can’t do canned salmon go for a small can of nice, light, white albacore tuna!)
9. Edamame Packed with an intelligent combo of protein, healthy fat and fiber, these pods are guaranteed to keep you full and satisfied for hours.
10. Dark chocolate (yes!) chips These flavor bombs put the brakes on a craving. The little pieces fool you into thinking you’re getting more, helping you eat less, finds new research.
So, fire up for swimsuit season by filling up on these fun, fat-fighting foods.

See you at the beach!

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