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Have you seen "The SDSU Show?"

10. February 2013

Have you seen a San Diego State Aztecs men’s basketball game lately? And I don’t mean on TV but up close and personal inside the Viejas Arena? OH MY GOSH! I haven’t been to something so fun and entertaining since the Rolling Stones performed at the “Q” back n the 90’s!

I confess, I hadn’t been to an Aztecs game in years. And it’s my loss. I had no idea what I’d been missing as the Aztecs men’s basketball program has grown in recent years.

Our friends had extra tickets to the Mountain West conference match-up between SDSU and the Colorado State Rams January 12 and invited us to join them. Longtime Aztec fans, Susan and Tony didn’t warn us about the two-hour electric extravaganza we were about to experience. They just smiled as we made our way into the arena – the venue literally pulsating from the cheering crowd, heart-pounding music and super-hyped videos designed to fire up a crowd that was already on fire!

Known as an exciting team, the Aztecs did not disappoint. In an overtime thriller, Chase Tapley scored 12 points in OT including two three-pointers to power the nation’s 16th ranked team to a 79-72 victory over the Rams. What a nail biter!

But while the game alone was a heart-pounding thrill, it was the show within a “show” that provided an additional dose of adrenaline. The famous “SDSU Show” is the name of the Aztec’s student section. And what a show it is!

Behind the basket near the visiting team’s bench, hundreds of chanting students, cheerleaders, dancers and SDSU’s high-octane band take their enthusiasm to a fever pitch and never let up from the opening tip-off until the clock runs out in the second half.

The arena literally rocks as the most vocal and creative student section in college basketball shout encouraging chants such as “I Believe,” “Tarzan Boy by Baltimora” and “Aztecs Bombaye” to the home team, then attempt to rattle their opposition by waving giant, random cut-out faces during free-throws. With Sylvester Stallone and Angelina Jolie, Dick Cheney and Gandhi literally in the Rams’ face, it’s a wonder they got off a single free throw.

With silly songs, creative chants and crazy costumes, The Show is literally a force of nature in Viejas Arena. With triple decibel shouting, dancing, jumping and other theatrics – I believe The Show literally carries their beloved Aztecs to victory.

Basketball season is still young. Don’t to let another year go by without experiencing the red-hot Aztecs and their insanely faithful fans. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Go Aztecs!

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