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Coronados Fabulous Flowers

10. June 2013

Do you love lilies, lilac and lavender? Are you fond of fresia, foxgloves and fuchsia? If sunflowers and snapdragons make you smile and pots of pansies and peonies bring you joy, then you simply must plan a trip to Coronado soon!

April showers brought May flowers to the Crown City – a community that takes its tulips and trumpet vine seriously. In anticipation of the popular Coronado Flower show last month, fierce competition got underway in the Nado neighborhoods…homes, businesses, entire streets all vying for a coveted blue ribbon.

The annual tradition has its detractors, especially those homeowners awarded less than they think they deserve. But for the rest of us, the race for the roses and ranunculus is the perfect opportunity for a walk, drive or bike ride through some of the most breathtaking displays of daffodils, daisies and dahlias I’ve ever seen!

With my friends Pat and Susan – both flower fans with gobs of gardening experience - we combed the streets of the island community on foot admiring the magnolias and morning glories along Margarita, the gladiolas and gerberas on Glorietta and petunias and plumeria as we plodded up Pomona! No artist’s palette could compare with the bursts of color at every turn.

For the record, I was born with a brown thumb. My homage to gardening includes two small clay pots on my bedroom balcony into which I plant and attempt to keep alive several red geranium plants. My friends, on the other hand, actually know the Latin derivation for every flower, bush, vine and succulent.

But you don’t have to be a master gardener to appreciate the color, symmetry and unique design of each landscaped home and business. Simple or elaborate, the 120 volunteer judges roaming the neighborhoods award ribbons based on first impression, tidiness and overall care and health of the garden.

The 86-year-old tradition culminated with the famous Flower Show several weeks ago, but there’s still time to take a gander at the gardenias yourself. And unlike a gallery or museum, this artistic display is free of charge!

Trust me, it’s worth a trip across the bridge.

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