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Claire's on Cedros

10. May 2010

Have you been to “Claire’s on Cedros” yet? You gotta check out this charming café in Solana Beach. My friend, Dana, has been raving about the popular eatery since it opened less than a year ago. Now I know why! Lunch at Claire’s is an adventure in good eating and going “green!”

The lunch crowd had not yet thinned as Dana and I entered the restaurant… still bustling with activity. Hostess Eva welcomed us with a bright smile and ushered us through the dining area decorated with bits of whimsy… onto the patio so well designed and landscaped, we soon forgot busy North Cedros was only feet away!

The food was clean and delicious (even the coffee is organic!). Chef Claire uses nothing but the best natural ingredients. And she doesn’t have to go far. The restaurant’s landscape is also a one-of-a-kind edible garden! It’s not only beautiful… the eco-“greenscape” supplies herbs, fruits and vegetables for the restaurant’s kitchen.

Dana and I both had a hankering for salmon. Mine was grilled on a bed of fresh greens with mango salsa. Dana’s fillet sat atop field greens with roasted pear and feta cheese. Dee-LISH! But when our server delivered plates full of omelets and all the fixin’s to the table next to us, we almost changed our minds. Claire’s is known for their boffo breakfasts. And they serve breakfast burritos, omelets (with shredded hash brown potatoes… just the way I like ‘em!), multi-grain pancakes and strawberry-stuffed french toast… ALL DAY!

But first and foremost, this eco-friendly café is all about being “green.” So much so… Claire’s on Cedros is the first free-standing restaurant to receive Platinum LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. That’s the highest distinction out there for “green” buildings!

Just like the toilets… kitchen faucets are low-flow and sensor-activated to cut water use. Using drip irrigation and mulch, Claire’s also saves water with native and adapted plantings. The café uses green power for energy efficiency, many operable windows that cut energy use and operates 35% more efficiently than required by code.

Building materials from the concrete block foundation to the creative wall hangings and light fixtures inside… are all made of recycled materials. What about the up-close parking spots? They’re reserved for patrons with fuel-efficient vehicles!

Innovative. Green. Family friendly. Even Lulu and Max were welcomed. The well-behaved schnauzer and sweet mixed breed resting under a nearby table enjoyed the open-air patio with their owners (and a couple of other canine pals!).

I’m going back to Claire’s on Cedros, soon! I keep thinking about those omelets. Or maybe I’ll try one of their big burgers made of grass-fed beef. Then again, I could just skip lunch and go straight for a decadent dessert. Why don’t you join me and we’ll split a slice of Claire’s amazing homemade ricotta cheesecake. You know what they say! Life is short… eat dessert first!

Claire’s on Cedros
246 North Cedros Ave.
Solana Beach, Ca. 92075