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Carol LeBeau's Health JournalConfidence

11. June 2011

I’ve heard it said that confidence is belief in yourself… belief that allows you to take action.  I’m not sure I agree with that.  In my life, taking action usually comes first.  Confidence comes later.

For me, confidence often means, “Just Do It!”  Whether riding a bike at age 5, doing a live TV report at 26 or climbing a rock wall at 57… confidence is the reward for taking a chance, trying something new!

Look, I’m no spring chicken.  I’m afraid of heights and not very sure-footed, but with the help of a friend (and a safety harness!) I recently made my way up that rock wall… gaining confidence with each step!  The experience was not only confidence-building, it was exhilarating!  And I almost missed out by not trying!

Whether it’s rock climbing, traveling or learning a foreign language… you’re never too old to do something new.  In fact, shaking up the old routine can be good for your health and may help ward off symptoms of many age-related disorders, especially those that affect the brain. 

To keep your brain healthy, “use it or lose it!”  Start with activities that interest you or give you joy.  How ‘bout….

  • Picking up a long-neglected hobby?
  • Playing with your grandchildren or a favorite pet?
  • Learning something new? (an instrument, a foreign language, a new game)
  • Getting involved in your community? (volunteer or attend a local event.)
  • Taking a class or join a club
  • Going on a weekend trip to a place you’ve never visited
  • Spending time in nature (taking a walk, taking up golf, fishing, enjoying a scenic view)
  • Enjoying the arts (visit a museum, read a classic novel, go to a concert or play)

It’s these types of activities that help keep our brains active and healthy.  To learn more about brain health, from headaches and stroke, to memory loss and Parkinson’s disease, we have a team of neurologists at Palomar Health to address all of your questions.  For a referral to one of our outstanding neurologists, call: 800.628.2880.

So get out of that rut and build YOUR confidence.  There is something wonderful about reaching into the future with excited anticipation.  And those who pursue new adventures throughout life stay younger, think better and laugh louder!

Contact Carol by emailing her at Carol@palomarhealth.org.