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Spend your Next Movie Night at the Vintage Village Theater!

12. April 2012

Tom and I just saw the movie, “Act of Valor” and my heart is still racing!  The film’s producers call it an “adrenaline-filled, edge-of-the-seat journey” and let me assure you, that’s not an understatement!

The film is a blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking – sure to be up for many awards.  “Act of Valor” stars a group of active duty U.S. Navy SEALS…a fictionalized account of real-life SEAL operations.  

The proud wife of a retired Naval aviator, I was thrilled to experience Hollywood’s cinematic triumph allowing these amazing men who protect our freedoms around the globe… demonstrate the remarkable skills that truly make them “special” forces.

 “Act of Valor” was even more special for us because we got to watch it in Coronado – the backdrop for much of the thrill-packed movie.  The Coronado connection runs throughout the film.  Several of the Navy’s SEAL teams train at Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) along Coronado’s “Silver Strand.”  Familiar scenes from the beach to the bay bridge…to the quaint village to the historic Hotel Del were sprinkled throughout the story line.

The icing on the cake?  Watching those iconic images in Coronado’s very own and new movie theater.   Actually, the original “Village Theater” opened on Orange Avenue back in 1947 but closed in 2000 after falling into disrepair.  More than a decade later, the beautifully renovated “Vintage Village Theater” is once again open for business – and business is booming!

The Art Deco-style, three-screen cinema is has become a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.  As a movie-loving local, the new Village Theater truly is special…from magnificent murals on the walls to loads of legroom between the seats. 

The artwork alone is worth a look-see.  Murals in the screening rooms create 3-D optical illusions of historic places in both Coronado and Balboa Park.   The design concepts were done by Joseph Musil.  The notable theater designer is widely recognized for restoring the 1926 El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.  Clearly, great care was taken to maintain the charm of Coronado’s 8,500 square-foot movie house.

“Act of Valor” may no longer be playing at the Village Theater but you’ll always find three other movies from which to choose.  And did I mention the fresh, hot popcorn, courteous workers and clean bathrooms?  

Vintage Village Theater is located at 820 Orange Avenue. Just one more reason to plan a visit to Coronado…soon!


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