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Cinema Under the Stars

19. June 2010

Got any plans this weekend? How about a movie? Better yet, how ‘bout a movie UNDER THE STARS? Surprise someone you care about and head to Mission Hills and “Cinema Under the Stars,” San Diego’s unique open-air movie theater. Tom and I have been enjoying this unique cinema experience for years. We want you to know about one of San Diego’s best-kept entertainment secrets.

The weather’s getting warmer, but even if it’s cool, you won’t care. The intimate outdoor venue tucked away in Mission Hills has a fantastic heating system and cozy throws to keep you warm. But watch out, you may just drift off during the opening cartoon in your super-comfy zero-gravity recliner.

The theater specializes in movie classics from “Casablanca” and “Sabrina” to “Rear Window” and “From Here to Eternity.” But owner, Doug Yeagley also features contemporary classics and new releases such as “Avatar” and “Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

At “Cinema Under the Stars,” movies are projected digitally onto a 20-foot screen in the charming and intimate patio theater just behind “TOPS” Hair Salon on Goldfinch in Mission Hills.”

It’s so fun. Surrounded by tiny “twinkle” lights and no more than 60 fellow movie-goers, the venue is perfect for viewing your favorite movie classics. Show time is 8:30, but you may want to start earlier with dinner nearby at any of a number of popular eateries. (Some offer deals with movie tickets!)

I’m marking my calendar for “An American in Paris” in June. My July picks include the “Blues Brothers,” the 1980 hit starring John Belushi and Dan Akroyd, and “East of Eden.” I’ve read the John Steinbeck classic, but have never seen the film version, starring James Dean. And for fun in August, count me in for “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” a classic comedy starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. I can’t wait!

Why not pick a favorite film of your own? The schedule’s available on-line Take a break from crowded indoor theaters. Summer’s just getting started and the stars are out! Recline and relax at “Cinema Under The Stars.”

By the way, the popcorn’s great!

Cinema Under the Stars
4040 Goldfinch Street
San Diego, CA 92103

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