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Rancho La Puerta

21. July 2010

It’s been a year since I retired from full-time work as a TV newscaster. For 28 years I also covered health and fitness news… the best “beat” in the biz! Fortunately, I still get to promote good health and well being as a health champion here at Palomar Health… and as a motivational speaker. So I was thrilled to be invited recently to speak at Rancho La Puerta. But I never dreamed accepting their invitation meant I’d also be staying at the world famous health spa!

My trip to the “Ranch” was a pleasant 40-minute drive from San Diego across the border into Tecate, Mexico. The quaint Mexican border town is home to the world’s first destination resort and spa. The sense of peace and tranquility filled me as I drove through the gate at Rancho La Puerta. In the coming days, I was to experience first-hand why the “Door of the Ranch” is the“favorite spa in north America,” according to SpaFinder.com.

My spa experience began with a friendly “buenos dias!” at the front desk. From there, a delightful young man escorted me to my own casita… a private “little house” with wood-framed windows set in brick overlooking gardens, meadows and mountains. I could feel the stress draining from my body.

The following five days were an amazing array of fitness activities, yummy AND healthful cuisine, every spa treatment imaginable and great entertainment. (everything from a superb acoustic guitarist to crazy Bingo night!)

I hyperventilated trying to decide among the activity choices….mountain hikes, yoga and dance and every exercise class you can think of. From circuit training, I powered through Pilates and spin classes and finished off with the most fun (and challenging!) water aerobic class I’ve ever taken. And that was just before lunch!

And a word about the food… DIVINE! I didn’t know healthy could taste so good. Most of the menu is freshly picked from the Ranch’s own organic farm. I’ve never seen or tasted such delicious and creative combinations of fruit, vegetables and grains! (In fact, the food is SO clean, they even provide “Beano” in the dining room… just in case!)

The best part of my spa experience had nothing to do with casitas, classes and cuisine… it’s the property itself. Rancho La Puerta… unlike any other health spa in the world sits on 3,000 acres of landscaped gardens that provide an atmosphere of health and healing. Strategically poised in the mountains between the ocean and desert… the weather is nearly perfect, sunshine and sea breezes nearly every day.

As for my speeches… they went fine, I guess. I was so intoxicated by my surroundings it was hard to care!

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