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Kimberly Hunt

21. November 2010

Kimberly Hunt has a full, often stress-filled life. Even so, the popular (and ageless!) 10 News anchor is the picture of health… a fact she attributes to good genes, long walks and a Mediterranean-style diet.

Carol LeBeau sat down with her friend and former colleague to learn more about the food plan that keeps Kimberly going strong!

Carol: What convinced you to “go Mediterranean?”

Kim: Initially, I just wanted to maintain my blood sugar a little better.
I have a sensitivity there.

Carol: Did it work?

Kim: And then some! I just feel better… happier! I have more energy and eating well means no more dieting.

Carol: You’re known at work for your fabulous box lunches. What’s on today’s menu?

Kim: Honey mustard chicken with a colorful salad, black rice and acorn squash with Earth Balance, cinnamon and agave syrup.

Carol: Dee-lish! I’ve tasted some of your “super suppers!” How do you find time to prepare such beautiful meals?

Kim: I don’t have time every day. But once or twice a week I grill some chicken, fish and hamburger (lots of protein). I cook batches of beans and rice and chop a variety of veggies. It’s all in dishes in the fridge.

Carol: What about on super-busy days?

Kim: It takes five minutes to put it all together. It actually takes longer to stop and pick up something on the way to work.

Carol: Still… it must take planning.

Kim: Sure, but it’s fun! I love the Farmer’s Market. I love fresh vegetables. And I love putting it all together… especially in the soups I make at home.

Carol: Your soups are incredible! Must have something to do with those fresh herbs from your own garden?

Kim: Yep! Fresh is best!

Carol: What about snacks?

Kim: I snack all day! Nuts… protein bars… hummus and veggies… apples with peanut butter.

Carol: I know you’re big on protein.

Kim: Absolutely. If I have a salad for a meal, I add chicken or fish, figs, dried fruit, avocado, beans… even grated hard cheese with an oil-based dressing.

Carol: Sounds like a lot of food! But you’re as fit and trim as the day I met you 25 years ago!

Kim: Thanks, but it’s no secret. Good food just burns better.

Carol: How ‘bout (husband) Billy Ray and (daughter) Savannah? Are they on board?

Kim: They call it “Mom’s thing!” But they join in, too! They just “supplement” with pizza and Chevy’s Mexican food!

Carol: What about fun foods for you? Do you enjoy any “guilty” pleasures?

Kim: Sure! Cappuccino every morning and a glass of wine on weekends. And you know I LOVE sweets! Especially a little something after meals.

Carol: Like from your private stash of salt-water taffy at work? Still in the bottom drawer on the left?

Kim: Busted!

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Kimberly Hunt

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