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Enjoy that Cup of Joe!

23. June 2010

If you love coffee, I’ve got great news! Sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of your favorite brew and read on!

Turns out, the latest coffee buzz doesn’t come from caffeine. It comes from new research showing a cup (or more) a day may actually keep the doctor away! It’s true! That daily Venti Breakfast Blend may do more than wake you up. It may just extend your life.

For the record, I like coffee, but that hasn’t always been the case. You can blame it on Susan. She LOVES coffee. Oh, you may think you love coffee, but compared to my friend, Susan you are a rank amateur. She’s got a mug of the steaming brew going from morning till night! Off the top of her head, she can recite the locations of every Starbucks in Southern California. I’m certain she bleeds brown.

We’ve been dear friends for nearly 30 years so I’ve learned to enjoy a cup or two once in awhile, but only if it’s masked with every accoutrement available. While Susan takes hers jet black, I typically add a little cream and sugar. But based on some of the exciting health news about coffee I’m thinking about imbibing a bit more.

For decades, scientific researchers have tried to judge your java with all sorts of studies designed to make coffee a bogeyman out to ruin your health! These days, those researchers’ cups runneth over with studies touting the benefits of the daily grind.

Recently, Harvard researchers and others have found for most of us, coffee drinking doesn’t have any serious detrimental health effects. In fact, a few cups a day may actually lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, liver cancer, stroke, gallstones… even some forms of depression!

For some, of course, sensitivity to coffee can present problems… increased risk of miscarriage and high blood pressure, anxiety, jitters and upset stomach. For some, coffee can be addicting. Withdrawal can cause headache, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. If you drink unfiltered coffee, your LDL or “bad” cholesterol is higher.

But if you don’t fit into any of the “high risk” categories the news is even better! A luscious latte may not only make life more pleasurable it could even extend it! Recent studies suggest drinking coffee decreases the risk of premature death, especially for women! (Heck, how can sharing your cares and concerns with a friend be anything BUT good for you?!)

Bold, mild, French roast or Kona blend, for most of us, it’s all good. According to one Harvard researcher, “When people find out they’re at risk for developing disease, coffee can be a pleasure from which they don’t need to deprive themselves, instead focusing on other lifestyle choices.”

So go ahead, pour yourself another cup. I’m going to meet Susan at Starbucks!

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