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The Best Kept Secret

25. December 2009

Winter doldrums got you down? Granted, it’s hard to complain living in southern California…but it is January and the short days and chilly temperatures can bring on the blues.

I have a suggestion. It may not technically be beach weather….but I guarantee a trip to La Jolla Cove will lift your spirits. My friend Pam and I just celebrated her birthday with lunch and a stroll along the Cove. Listen, winter at the beach may just be the best-kept secret around!

As a rough water swimmer, I’ve had a decades-long love affair with the tiny beach tucked between the sandstone cliffs in La Jolla. Summer free time is spent with my swim pals stroking through the gentle surf and gazing at the spectacular underwater park….a venue that draws literally millions of tourists and locals between Memorial Day and mid September with the world-famous La Jolla Rough Water Swim.

And that’s the downside of this local “jewel.” With summer crowds come traffic tie-ups and parking at a premium. Not now! These days, locals rule!

Pam and I pulled into a primo parking spot just between the steps leading down to the Cove and the steps leading up to our lunch destination, The Brockton Villa. No lines. No wait. A table with a million dollar view! On the wind-protected patio, we relaxed in the early afternoon sunshine. As we sipped passion fruit iced tea and savored the Brockton Villa’s “Epic Seafood Chowder,” the winter surf roared as it crashed against the rocks below.

“We live in Paradise,” I said as a pelican landed on the rocks. “Yeah,” Pam replied with a grin. “Let’s not tell anyone.” Now that just wouldn’t be right.

See you at the beach!

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