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Don't Go It Alone

30. December 2009

Want to experience better health and well-being in the new year? Along with exercise and good food… call a friend! Seriously, many well-researched studies have found the more friends we have the better our physical and emotional health.

I know it’s true because I’m a “recovering loner!” Take care of yourself. Be independent. Don’t trust anyone. Those were the messages I got as a young woman. I didn’t have time for emotional attachments. I had plans.

Well, my plans never called to see how I was doing, never gave me a hug, never sent me a funny card to cheer me up. Isolation violates basic human nature. We need one another.

Sadly, our culture doesn’t encourage the building of strong relationships. More than 26% of Americans live alone compared with just over nine percent 50 years ago. Technology is isolating us even more. A study from Carnegie-Mellon University revealed people who spend hours on the internet experience higher levels of depression and loneliness than if they used the computer less frequently. I love technology. But let’s face it. You can’t exactly cuddle up with your Blackberry or have a “heart-to-heart with you laptop.

I’m a slow learner, but over the years I’ve let a few people into my world. And now I have a tiny network of family and friends who really know me and care about me. Look, life is tough enough. We all have our public faces to get by. But there are times we need to get past the superficial with a real, live person to share our sorrow and pain, our dreams and victories. Don’t go it alone. You’ll be happier, and healthier!

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