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Welcome to Taking Charge with Carol

She’s Back…Carol LeBeau Promotes a Healthy Message for Palomar Health

Carol LeBeau, a leading advocate for health and fitness throughout her 28-year award-winning career at Channel 10 KGTV, is now Palomar Health’s champion for healthy living.

“Being able to promote healthy living is a passion for me,” LeBeau says. “I’m very excited to partner with Palomar Health because the health system has a mission that I believe in, which is to heal the communities they serve. Palomar Health is a leader in innovative care and combines the highest level of technology with the highest quality of care.”

Throughout 2010, LeBeau will use her expertise – and life experiences – to educate, empower and motivate individuals to adopt healthy choices while also promoting Palomar Health’s health services and resources. As Palomar Health’s spokeswoman for health and fitness, LeBeau will write a column in the HealthSource and post a personal health journal on Palomar Health’s web site. An accomplished public speaker, LeBeau will moderate various health education events and will be featured in web videos and advertising campaigns.

“After covering health news for nearly three decades, I am excited to take my passion and expertise in this area to a whole new level,” LeBeau says. “Through the years, I’ve covered fascinating medical stories, but what I really love is inspiring people to take care of themselves and hopefully make a difference.”

LeBeau is especially interested in promoting women’s health services and removing the stigma of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

“As a woman, I realize how difficult it is for us to pay attention to our own health because we are often so focused on taking care of our children, our husbands and parents in addition to a career or other equally challenging activities,” LeBeau says. “It’s a real pressure cooker and I know how the stress and anxiety can build up at the expense of our own wellbeing.”

“I’ve learned that being able to meet these demands and enjoy the fullness of life requires taking care of myself,” LeBeau says. “For me, that means getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, moving my body every day and finding strength through my faith.”

“I hope through my partnership with Palomar Health that I can make a difference by motivating others to focus on ways to bring health into their daily lives,” LeBeau says.

Contact Carol by emailing her at Carol@palomarhealth.org.