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Hot Dogs - My Guilty Pleasure!
By Carol LeBeau
8/8/2013 1:36:24 PM

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get tired of counting carbs, calories and fat grams. I’m as concerned about my health as the next guy, but once in awhile, I’d rather not know if what I’m eating has enough protein, antioxidants or dietary fiber. Frankly, when it comes to food, many of us have gotten just a little uptight. Sometimes, I just want to relax and enjoy something that tastes good!

I don’t know about you, but my guilty pleasures include hot sourdough bread with butter, dark chocolate-covered cranberries and homemade vanilla milkshakes topped with whipped cream.

And I absolutely love hot dogs. But not just any dog will do. It wasn’t easy finding a great hot dog in the San Diego area. But it was worth the effort. Tom and I finally found the most fabulous franks at a friendly Coronado eatery called Delux Gourmet Hot Dogs.

Now, when a hot dog craving hits, Tom and I head to Coronado’s Orange Avenue for what can only be described as “heaven on a bun!” By the way, growing up in West Virginia, where hot dogs (with chili, mustard and coleslaw) are practically the state food, my Tom is an expert on what makes a decent dog.

Delux Gourmet Hot Dogs was opened last year by hot dog lovers…for hot dog lovers. They serve only Chicago’s Vienna Brand all beef hot dogs. They steam, then griddle the dogs to a slight char, then serve ‘em up in a home style, soft, steamed buns.

You can pick your own toppings or choose from a menu filled with creative combos from the “Coney Island,” “Windy City” and “New Yorker” to the “Top Dog” (with blue cheese crumbles, crispy onions, BBQ sauce, mustard and tomatoes) to the pastrami-stuffed “Reuben Dog” and the adventuresome “Tokyo,” topped with teriyaki glaze, Japanese mayo, grilled onions, sesame seeds and dried seaweed chips.

We made our most recent trek to “Delux” with our neighbors, Dave and Linda and their two boys, Nate and Drew – a fun way to spend a summer evening (and not worry about cooking!) Nate ordered the “All American.” Drew went for the “Slider Dogs,” two, tiny versions of their all-beef hot dogs on tiny buns with French fries.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the French fries! They’re amazing! Thin, crisp…seasoned to perfection…absolutely addictive! I also recommend their fresh lemonade but if you want to go back in time, give the “Orange Avenue Whip” a try –
that frothy, frozen vanilla-orange delight we all remember.

And if you still have room, you gotta try (I advise sharing!) one of their exclusive “Beachy Cream” ice cream sandwiches in five different flavor combinations.
I understand hot dos and ice cream come under the heading of special occasion food…not something we should indulge in every day. But even the health experts say it’s ok to splurge once in awhile.

So find something special to celebrate and take the family out for hot dogs to die for. Remember, when it comes to nutrition, it’s not what you do some of the time but what you do most of the time that mattes to your overall health.

You can always get back to obsessing about antioxidants tomorrow! ?


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