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By Carol LeBeau
1/2/2012 3:14:11 PM


If your New Year’s resolution is to finally and forever lose weight, I’ve got some encouraging news for you.  You can do it.  There are many effective diet plans from which to choose, but I’d like to highlight one through the eyes of my sister, Denise.

I am so proud of my “little” sis.  Since last March, Denise has lost a whopping 63 pounds and she’s still losing!  Denise had a run of bad luck several years ago and my formerly tall, slender, beautiful sister found herself with a serious weight problem.

While recovering from multiple back surgeries, she became less active, more isolated and depressed.   She turned to food for comfort.  As she got bigger, she bought bigger clothes and told herself she was “hiding” her growing girth.

“I tried to lose the weight on my own, recalls Denise, “even ordering diet pills from those stupid TV commercials.”

One day, late last March, Denise responded to a not-so-stupid TV commercial featuring actress Jennifer Hudson talking about her weight loss success on Weight Watchers.  “When Jennifer stood proudly and proclaimed, ‘I believe,’” it was like a light bulb went off,” Denise told me.  “I’d decided I’d had it and then I prayed for God’s help.” 

Denise’s “help” came in the form of the Weight Watchers’ “Points Plus” plan.   It doesn’t make you eat foods you don’t like or ban the ones you love.  That was a game changer for Denise.  “The point system really works.  It’s awesome!  It all just ‘clicked.’”

Despite a few setbacks along the way, including another back surgery, Denise stuck with the plan and with help from Weight Watchers group meetings and on-line programs; she slowly and healthfully dropped one to two pounds a week.  After nine months, she looks and feels great and has made the Weight Watchers way a permanent part of her life.

“I don’t need huge portions anymore,” says Denise.  “My husband and I now split a steak and fill the rest of our plates with “zero points” fruits and vegetables.

My now svelte and sassy sister attributes her weight loss success to God, self-determination and the weekly Weight Watchers meetings.  “They kept me going,” she says, “And my Weight Watchers leader, Margaret, was a constant source of encouragement, motivation and fun!”

Determined and dug in, Denise insists she’s never going back.  “I’m a whole new person (er, less of a person!)  I feel so much better.  Heck, 9 months ago I was carrying around the equivalent of 12 five-pound bags of sugar!”

My sister’s story is one of many weight loss happy endings.  I share it to encourage anyone struggling with a weight problem to start planning now for your happy ending.  If your resolution for 2013 is to drop some weight for good…choose a healthy diet plan and get started.  You can do it!

A few weight loss tips from Denise:

  1. Remove “can’t” or won’t from your vocabulary.
  2. Be patient.  When weight is lost slowly, you tend to keep it off.
  3. Do this for you!  Be accountable only to yourself.
  4. Pay for your weight loss plan with your own money.  It made me more determined when money is coming from my own pocket.

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