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By Carol LeBeau
11/2/2011 2:54:43 PM


I first saw it while driving along the Strand in Coronado just south of the Naval Amphibious Base … a weird, sort of bicycle-looking thing zipping along the popular bicycle and running path. The guy riding the device was standing up, and for good reason – the contraption had no seat! “It couldn’t be a bicycle,” I thought. Maybe it was a scooter. But the rider was pushing against enormous pedals using a motion that mimicked that of the elliptical trainer at my gym.

Maybe I was hallucinating! Fortunately, a quick Google search assured me I wasn’t losing it. I typed in “bicycle” and “scooter” and up popped the site for something called the ElliptiGO – a device that replicates outdoor running without the impact. The ElliptiGO was developed by ultramarathoner Brent Teal in his Solana Beach garage. Cool. Mystery solved! I saw a few more of the bizarre bicycles after that, but wrote it off as just another crazy southern California fitness fad.

So, imagine my surprise a few weeks later when I opened an e-mail from my brother, Carter, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Attached was a photo of my little “bro” riding … you guessed it … an ElliptiGO! “Sis,” he wrote. “Have you tried this thing? It’s great!”

My brother works for “Push, Pedal, Pull” a high-end exercise equipment company with stores nationwide, including Cedar Rapids. According to Carter, the ElliptiGO is a big seller and growing in popularity in the Hawkeye state and beyond!

Inspired by his injured running partner, Teal designed the ElliptiGO to provide a low-impact, outdoor running experience with comfort and safety advantages over a bike. “The upright riding position,” says Teal, “provides a more natural posture that puts significantly less strain on the neck and shoulders.” And because there’s no seat, there’s no seat pain!

And, compared with an indoor elliptical machine, the EllitiGO has the key advantage of allowing riders to be outside enjoying the fresh air… not trapped in a sweaty gym.
But elliptical training in the great outdoors will cost you between $1,800 and $2,400.

Since the birth of the ElliptiGO early last year, Teal says more than six thousand have been sold, available through 175 retail locations in the U.S.

Please pardon the cheap, shameless plug … but one of those retail outlets is “Push, Pedal, Pull.” I’m sure Carter would be happy to set you up from his store in Cedar Rapids. It’s the least I can do for my little brother!

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