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Spa Water - Relax, Refresh and Hydrate with your Favorite Flavors
By Carol LeBeau
8/30/2013 11:17:13 AM


I can still remember my first spa experience. The day of pampering was a birthday gift from my husband – a relaxing day including a massage, facial, pedicure and a lovely (and healthy!) spa lunch on a peaceful patio surrounded by lush gardens. It was heavenly!

That special day years ago also included my first taste of spa “water.” Coolers of water throughout the facility were infused with fun flavors from cucumbers and lemons to mint and watermelon. Who knew water could be such a treat!

These days, you don’t have to pop for spa services to enjoy fruit and veggie-infused H20. Waiting for the color to set at my hair appointment last week, I relaxed with a glass of cool water infused with a delicious combination of fruits, veggies and herbs. Doug Yeagley, owner of TOPS Salon in Mission Hills, says he wants to provide his clients with a healthy alternative to coffee and sugary drinks.

“For good health, we need to drink lots of water,” says Yeagley. “But water can be boring. Why not add a little flavor and make a glass of ordinary water something special?!”

I’ve had cherry-flavored water in a hospital lobby and orange and pineapple-infused water at my gym. Even my favorite Coronado boutique features a cute cooler of water “seasoned” with basil and fresh chunks of strawberries.

And when you’re not out and about, why not have a taste of spa water at home? My friend, Pat always has a chilled pitcher of yummy water with all kinds of fun, floating fruits. (My fave is her lemon and ginger combo…so soothing.)

I’m excited about this growing trend that’s getting many of us to drink more water. We have an obesity epidemic in this country and replacing sugary soft drinks with healthy water alternatives is a great way to cut calories.

The summer heat has arrived. What better time to fill a water pitcher with your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs and drink to your health.

Here are 50 awesome flavored water ideas. Pick your favorite combo and have fun staying hydrated!

1. Watermelon
2. Cucumber
3. Lemon
4. Cantaloupe
5. Orange
6. Cherries
7. Lime
8. Grapefruit
9. Basil
10. Mint
11. Grapes
12. Blood orange
13. Rosemary
14. Lavender
15. Strawberries
16. Blackberries
17. Raspberries
18. Pineapple
19. Kiwi
20. Papaya
21. Honeydew melon
22. Fresh ginger root
23. Mango

And don’t be afraid to try fun combinations of the above ingredients. Get creative and combine them, so it never gets dull. Here are some of my favorites:

24. Watermelon and mint
25. Cucumber and mint
26. Lemon and mint
27. Cherry and lime
28. Watermelon and cucumber
29. Ginger and lemon
30. Orange and pineapple
31. Lemon and lavender
32. Lime and mint
33. Cucumber and lime
34. Lemon and basil
35. Strawberry and mint
36. Blackberry and ginger
37. Lemon and blueberry (yum!)
38. Thyme and blackberries
39. Cucumber and rosemary
40. Cantaloupe and watermelon
41. Cucumber, lemon and mint
42. Lemon and lime
43. Strawberry and basil
44. Cranberry juice and lemon (use a capful of unsweetened cranberry juice)
45. Ginger and lime
46. Pineapple and mango
47. Strawberries and lime
48. Orange, lime and lemon (my absolute favorite!)
49. Lemon and a pinch of cayenne
50. Papaya and mango

The possibilities are endless! Have fun coming up with your own creative combos. Then, drink up!

Helpful hint! For the herbs, crush or chop them up to get the best flavor. Similarly, squeeze citrus wedges, slick or cube melons and crush berries.

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