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Royal Slumber Party
By Carol LeBeau
5/6/2011 3:56:00 PM


Did you know I was invited to the royal wedding? It’s true. The official-looking invite arrived in a timely fashion, about a month prior to the much-anticipated nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton. But alas, I was not being summoned to Westminster Abbey. (The local postmark should have been my first clue!) It was not a royal wedding to which I was invited. It was a royal “slumber party… in Alpine!

While I may not have been in the company of Elton John and the Queen Mum as Kate and William took their vows, my dear friend Maggie – lover of all things royal – threw a wedding viewing party and sleepover at her home fit for a queen!

The bedtime bash commenced at 10 p.m. Thursday… the six of us already bleary-eyed (For us 50-somethings, it was already past out bedtime!). Each woman was issued her very own plastic tiara and sparkly scepter… perfect accessories to complement our cozy robes and pj’s. Snacks included chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (in honor of William and Kate’s wedding cake) and a little “bubbly” with which to toast the happy couple.

The wall-to-wall network coverage was about to begin when Maggie cheerfully announced, “It’s time for a game!” Oh no! As she handed out pens and paper, I realized, with horror, we were about to take a 15-question royal wedding trivia quiz. I should have paid closer attention to the massive media coverage in recent weeks!

By the time I got to question #5, (What are Kate’s parents’ names?) I hadn’t filled in a single answer. I decided to go with “Mom and Dad.” (Carole and Michael would have been correct!) Who knew Kate’s hometown was Buckleberry and her dad was in the party supply business? A lot of people, apparently… including my pajama-clad pals. Carol M. was the runaway game winner. I came in a strong last place, but still took home a royal parting gift… a coffee mug festooned with Kate and Wills’ mugs.

Determined to learn all I could, I did my best to focus on the non-stop TV coverage leading up to the 3 a.m. wedding. (Did I mention I don’t do all-nighters? Even as a kid, I actually slept at sleepovers!) At 1:45 a.m., I knew I was in trouble. So fatigued, I could no longer distinguish between ABC’s Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer. I threw in the towel and headed to the guest room for a catnap.

An hour later, I joined my fellow wedding-watchers in front of the TV. Eyes wide, we watched with delight as 60 cameras installed in the Abbey, captured both the magnificence and intimacy of the ceremony. No TV commentary required. William delightfully debonair, his bride elegantly radiant, the ceremony was perfect down to the last detail. And six forever “girlfriends” shared an experience we will never forget.

Following a breakfast of tea and scones, we went our separate ways. Sleep-deprived and sugar-buzzed from too many cupcakes, the post-wedding hangover lingered throughout the day. But it was worth it. Say what you may about the monarchy, when the Windsors plan a party, it’s worth staying up for!

Maggie, thanks for the best wedding bash outside London. It was a royal treat! And to my fellow wedding partiers – Liz, Carol, Christine and Teresa – let’s make sure we mark our calendars for the next wedding at Westminster. I hear there’s already buzz about Harry and Pippa?!

God save the Queen!

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