Proactively Tackling the Community's Health Needs

Since 1992, Palomar Health’s Community Action Councils (CACs) have played an active role as a leader, partner and supporter of the communities we serve. The CACs work to improve the health of Palomar Health communities; create, implement and evaluate programs that promote health; advocate for policies that promote healthy environments and wellness; build relationships with key leaders; and educate residents about health-related community resources.

The five regional CACs bring together leaders from more than 75 agencies including local governments, social services, law enforcement, health agencies, schools, community clinics, senior centers, faith communities, businesses and community members.

The CACs special committees develop programs that focus on major health issues affecting the community including: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention, Obesity and Diabetes Prevention and Access to Health Care. These issues grow out of the health concerns voiced by the community and the tri-annual San Diego County Health Needs Assessment.

Programs created, implemented and/or supported by Palomar Health’s CACs include:

  • Supporting Our Community Seniors (“SOCS”) Box Training
  • Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention
  • Community Alliance for Healthy Minds
  • QPR Suicide Prevention Training
  • NAMI SMARTS Advocacy Training
  • Transforming Obesity And Diabetes Awareness in Youth - TODAY Program
  • Community Garden Project
  • School Running Clubs
  • The Backyard Produce Project
  • Take Charge! Program
  • Power Play
  • San Marcos Library Fitness and Nutrition Program
  • OASIS Catch Healthy Habits
  • Orange Glen High School Nutrition Education
  • Safe Routes to School Leadership Training
  • Taxi Voucher Program
  • Health Career Fairs
  • Palomar Health Committee on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention
  • YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Read about The Backyard Produce Project, created by the Poway/Rancho Peñasquitos Community Action Council (CAC).


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