Investing in the Future

As the demand for health-care continues to rise, so too will the demand for health-care workers. Palomar Health is committed to the health-care workforce of tomorrow through programs today. By providing opportunities to learn about the health-care field through internships, pharmacy residencies, class sponsorship and other training programs, Palomar Health helps ensure that future patients will have the quality care they need.

Palomar Health’s Pathmaker internship provides hands-on experience to high school and college students interested in health-care careers. The competency-based program allows students to gain hands-on experience and explore diverse career paths under the guidance of Palomar Health staff. Hours accumulated through the Pathmaker internship often provide students with a running start for educational programs ranging from nursing to medical tech to physician assistant.

In 2006, Palomar Health provided California State University, San Marcos, with a grant of $2.5 million to help create the school’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Palomar Health continues to support the nurses of tomorrow by providing instructional and administration facilities, as well as hosting clinical rotations in virtually all areas of the hospitals. Nursing staff from Palomar Health are also regular presenters and lecturers for the program.

A Running Start

Matt Lilien didn’t know he wanted to work in health-care right away. It wasn’t until after his successes as a chef and sommelier led to increasing time behind a desk that he realized he needed a career change.

“I really have a great interest in science, but I also really like interacting with people,” said Lilien. “Nursing fit both my passion for science and my desire to work with people.”

After enrolling in pre-requisite courses for nursing school, Lilien began looking for an internship program that would give him some clinical experience.

“I did a lot of research on internship opportunities and the Pathmaker program at Palomar Health is by far the best one in the region for clinical experience.”
Lilien joined the program and within his first day as an intern at Palomar Medical Center, knew this was where he wanted to be.

“There was an element of the unknown for me when I decided to start down the nursing path because I had absolutely no clinical experience,” said Lilien. “But that first day on the floor as an intern, affirmed for me that I had made the right decision.”

Today, Lilien is in his second year as an intern, working with patients on the hospital floor and as a supervisor of the interns working in the ICU at Pomerado Hospital.

“The Pathmaker internship has given me skills and perspective that has been a huge leg up in my nursing program,” said Lilien. “It introduced me to the many situations you face as a nurse – both the fascinating and the less glamorous parts. Those experiences have helped me breeze through areas of my nursing program that have tripped up my classmates, allowing me to concentrate on the important clinical areas.”

“I am a true believer that this program has given me something that I cannot repay – an opportunity to become the best nurse I can be.”