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Smoking Cessation Program

In a comprehensive six week program, professionals at Palomar Health will give you a great start in your to effort to conquer one of the most addictive habits on earth – cigarette smoking. Palomar Health provides valuable tools, pertinent information and a supportive group environment to make this a truly effective course.

The 1 ½ hour sessions held once a week cover every aspect of the process of quitting – from smoking triggers to the physical discomforts of quitting to strategies for success.

The program costs $125.00 ($100.00 if you enroll with a friend.) For those who stop smoking by the end of the course, there are several weekly support groups in an effort to avoid a relapse.

Smoking Cessation Program Outline

Session 1 - Your Motivation for Quitting

  1. smoking and self esteem
  2. the dangers of smoking versus the benefits of quitting
  3. identifying your motives for quitting

Session 2 - Understanding Your Habit

  1. determining what “type” of smoker you are
  2. identifying your “triggers”

Session 3 - Strategies For Quitting Smoking

  1. smoking cessation aids
  2. individualizing strategies
  3. setting goals and making commitments

Session 4 - Coping with Side Effects

  1. smoking cessation aids
  2. maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Session 5 - Developing Skills for Dealing with Anxiety & Boredom

Session 6 - Relapse Prevention

To enroll, or for more information, call Kay Kimball at 858-613-4044 or 760-739-3943 or e-mail her at



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