The Future of Robotic Surgery
at Palomar Medical Center

Palomar Medical Center has acquired the newest generation da Vinci S HD Surgical System that offers unparalleled precision, improved surgical results and quicker recovery for patients in North San Diego County and South Riverside County.

The da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic device that translates a surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements in real-time by using robotic arms to control tiny surgical instruments and cameras inserted through small incisions in the patient’s body. da Vinci heightens the surgical view with 3-D vision that is magnified 10 times. This enables surgeons to perform a wide-range of complex procedures with precision and flexibility, in very small areas that are difficult to access.

da Vinci, Palomar Health, Palomar Medical Center, Robotic SurgeryThe da Vinci system has diverse surgical applications. At Palomar Medical Center, the system is currently being used for a variety of procedures in the areas of:

Since the introduction of da Vinci more than five years ago, it has been used successfully across the country in tens of thousands of procedures. 


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