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Palomar Health Downtown Campus Standby Emergency Department

The Standby Emergency Department (ED) at the Palomar Health Downtown Campus in Escondido is able to treat minor emergency patients and is required to have a doctor on call. Any non-critical medical service and minor emergency illness/injury are treated. Services,  such as lab work, X-ray, suture repair, pediatric work, breathing treatments, are available.  Behavioral health patients will now be treated at the Standby ED.

We do not treat life-threatening injury or illness, such as trauma or emergency patients, and no critical emergencies or critically ill patients will be treated. Any patient transported by paramedics will continue to be taken and treated at Palomar Medical Center.

We have 13 treatment rooms and operates above the required regulation with a physician and emergency health professionals on duty at all times.


What is the difference between a Standby ED and Basic ED? 

A Standby ED has fewer requirements than a Basic ED.  A Basic ED (which is what PMC is classified as) is required to have an ICU and a physician and other emergency health care personnel on duty all times. However, the new Standby ED will operate above regulation with a physician and emergency health professionals on duty at all times.

Does insurance cover visits to a Standby ED? 

Visits to a Standby ED will be covered as regular emergency visits.  All patients are subject to their insurance co-pay.

Where to find us:

555 East Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92025
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