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Eye Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Eye Cancer Treatment  Side Effects

Doctor examining patient's eye

Side effects of treatments for eye cancer depend on the treatment received. Many types of cancer can affect the various structures of the eye. The effect of treatment on the eye and on you depends on the structure involved; whether the disease arose in the eye or spread from another place; the diagnosis, and method of treatment. In all cases, doctors will attempt to treat a person with eye cancer so that his or her quality of life is affected as little as possible.

Removal of the eye will only be done if it is the only way to remove the cancer completely. If you need to have an eye removed, the doctor will discuss the surgery and side effects at length with you. Removal of an eye can affect your appearance, but methods to reconstruct the eye may be available. A plastic surgeon may need to be involved. The doctor may also discuss the placement of a prosthetic (artificial) eye, so that your appearance will not be drastically changed.

Other treatments or even progression of the tumor in the eye may cause changes in or loss of vision. Again, your doctor will discuss the side effects and possible risks of your treatment with you before the treatment begins. A second opinion from another skilled specialist may provide more information and help you feel more confident about the treatment plan you have chosen. 


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