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1 in 10 Stroke Rehab Interruptions May Be Preventable

10,000 U.S. Seniors Die Within Week of ER Discharge Every Year: Study

After Cancer, Higher Risk of Severe Heart Attack

Almost 1 in 4 Face Surprise Bills After ER Visit

Antibiotic Overuse Behind 'Superbug' Outbreak in U.K. Hospitals

Are Stroke Centers Life Savers?

At Major Teaching Hospitals, Lower Death Rates

Black, Hispanic Americans Less Likely to See a Neurologist

Blood Vessel-Clearing Procedure Riskier on Weekends: Study

Body Cooling Little Help to Kids When Heart Stops: Study

Body Cooling May Help Brain After Cardiac Arrest

Can Tracking Germs in One Hospital Make All Hospitals Safer?

Congress Passes Sweeping Health Care Bill

Contaminated Gloves a No-No in Hospitals

Death Rate Drops for Americans Hospitalized With COPD

Depression Common After Time Spent in ICU

Do Hospital ICUs Raise Costs Without Boosting Survival?

Droughts Tied to Climate Change Could Bring Health Risks for Seniors

Drug May Be New Weapon Against a 'Superbug'

Elderly Patients Get Unnecessary End-of-Life Treatments

Electronic In-Hospital Prescribing: Trouble for Older Adults?

Emergency Surgery Riskier for Kids in Poorer Countries

ER Death Rate in U.S. Drops by Nearly Half

ERs May Need to Rethink Opioid Prescription Practices

Even at Cancer Centers, Finding Relief for Pain Can Be Tough

Female Doctors May Have an Edge: Study

Few Young U.S. Burn Patients Transferred to Specialized Centers

Fewer Advanced Alzheimer's Patients on Feeding Tubes

Fewer Patients Die During Hospital Inspection Weeks: Study

Flu Cases Spiking Across the United States: CDC

Flu Hospitalizations, Deaths Increasing: CDC

Flu Shot Tied to Fewer Hospitalizations, Deaths in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

For Inflamed Pancreas, Eating Right Away May Be Best Medicine

Gun Injuries More Often Fatal Now, Study Finds

Gunshot Wounds Cost U.S. Hospitals Nearly $7 Billion Over 9 Years

Half of U.S. Docs Get Payments From Drug, Device Industries: Study

Hear This! Keep Cotton Swabs Out of Kids' Ears

Heart Failure Hospitalizations on the Rise in U.S.

Heart Failure Patients Do Better When Sticking With Same Hospital

Heart Surgery Devices May Have Been Contaminated: CDC

Heart, Lung Problems May Not Always Need ICU Care

Higher Spending by Docs May Not Buy Better Health

Hospital ICUs May Be Overused

Hospital Protocol Helps Thwart Serious Infection

Hospital Room Floors May Harbor 'Superbugs'

Hospital Sinks May Be Awash in 'Superbugs'

Hospitalizations for Common Heart Rhythm Problem on the Rise

Hospital-Related Delirium May Help Worsen Dementia

Hospitals Vary in Moving Stroke Patients to Comfort or Hospice Care

If Patient in the Hospital Bed Before You Got Antibiotics -- Take Heed

Injury Risk Spikes While Cancer Patients Seek Diagnosis: Study

Is Season the Reason Why Heart Deaths Spike at Christmas?

Just 6 Percent of Chest Pain Cases in ER Are Life-Threatening: Study

Kids Can Beat 'Complex' Pneumonia Without IV Antibiotics: Study

Kids' Care May Suffer When Parents Clash With Medical Staff

Kids With Cardiac Arrest Less Likely to Survive CPR at Night

Lack of Pharmacy Access May Send Some Seniors Back to Hospital

Lasting Jump in ER Visits After Oregon Medicaid Expansion

Low Blood Sugar Linked to Death Risk for Hospital Patients

Many Atrial Fibrillation Patients Missing Out on Blood Thinners

Many Hospital Workers Are an Unhealthy Lot: Study

Many Kids Still Being Injured on ATVs

Minorities Less Likely to Get Clot-Clearing Stroke Drug

More Evidence Obamacare Is Lowering Numbers of Uninsured

More Kids and Teens Heading to ER With Headaches

More Must Be Done to Fight 'Superbugs': U.S. Gov't Report

More Younger Americans Are Suffering Strokes: Study

Most Patients Not Shy About Revealing Sexual Orientation

New Meds Make Inroads Against Crohn's Disease

'No One Dies Alone' Program Offers Comfort at Life's End

Not All Hospitals Equal When It Comes to Pancreatic Cancer Care

Nurse! What's Taking So Long?

Nurses' 'Scrubs' Pick Up Bad Hospital Germs

Obama Signs Sweeping Health Care Bill Into Law

Obamacare May Have Broadened Patients' ER Choices

Obese Preschoolers More Likely to Be Hospitalized

Odds for C-Section May Depend on Hospital

On Hospital Wards, Patient Crises May Have 'Domino Effect'

Opioid Abusers at Higher Death Risk When Addiction Specialists Not Part of Care

Overcrowded ERs Risky for Some Seriously Ill Patients

Parents Don't Always Head to Child's Doctor When Illness Strikes

Patient Safety May Drop During Doc Rotations

Patients May Quickly Lose Beneficial Gut Bacteria in the ICU

Preemies Bombarded With Noise in First Weeks of Life

Program Cut Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

Protein in Breast Milk May Reduce Hospital Infections in Preemies

Psychiatric Patients Face Longer Waits in ER

Quick Shot of Epinephrine Boosts Cardiac Arrest Patients' Survival: Study

Ransom-Seeking Hackers Targeting Hospital Data

Retail Health Clinics Fail to Curb Routine ER Visits, Study Finds

Robotic Surgical Tools Tough to Keep Clean

Safeguards May Be Reducing Serious Catheter Infections

Seniors' Health Can Tumble After ER Visit

Seniors With Hip Fractures Fare Better in Large Teaching Hospitals: Study

Shocks From Implanted Defibrillators Trigger Health Costs of Their Own

Skin Condition Often Misdiagnosed as Bacterial Problem

Some Hospitals May Overcharge for Hip, Knee Replacements: Study

Study Finds Fault With ICU Treatment of Dementia Patients

Study IDs Effective Rx for Burned-Out Doctors

Study Links Psychiatric Disorders to Stroke Risk

Study: VA Hospitals Compare Favorably to Non-VA Centers

Travelers Bring Malaria Back to U.S., With High Costs

U.S. Death Toll From Infectious Diseases Unchanged: Study

U.S. Doctors Trained Overseas Have Slightly Better Patient Outcomes

U.S. Hospitals Halve Catheter Infection Rates: Review

U.S. Psychiatric Patients Face Long Waits in ERs

Undocumented Immigrants Often Face Tough Health Care Choices

Useless Treatments Common in Young, Terminal Cancer Patients

When Complications Arise, Some Hospitals Get Paid a Lot More

When to Pick the Nose in a Medical Emergency

Winter a Chilling Time for Heart Failure Patients

Women Get Worse Cardiac Arrest Care Than Men: Study

Your Doctor's Age Might Affect Your Care

Your Post-Heart Attack Survival May Depend on Choice of Hospital