House Calls Previously Asked Questions

Dr. Illich


Are headsets for portable music players, cell phones and personal DVD players safe for our ears?

Answer: The barrage of noise we experience daily, whether from headsets, audio speakers or other environmental sources, is already leading to a greater incidence of hearing loss. Of course, personal electronic items are here to stay, so the key is to use them at a reasonable level in order to protect your hearing. Hearing loss is the third most common chronic condition nationwide.


If someone can hear your personal music player from about two or three feet away, then the volume is too loud and you are risking permanent hearing loss.

Hearing difficulty should be evaluated by a physician or audiologist to determine the cause and extent before planning appropriate treatment. It’s a good idea for adults without noticeable hearing difficulty to have a baseline evaluation by age 50. This provides important information that can be compared to future exams and will help provide a more informed diagnosis about measurable hearing loss.