Caring Hands Award Recipient, January 2017 - Margie Rodriguez


From the Desk of Tina Pope, District Manager, Service Excellence

I recently received several very insistent voice messages from a woman named Charlotte. She said she was the wife of a patient and she really needed to speak to me about our Guest Service Representative, Margie Rodriguez. I was out of office for a couple of days and wasn’t able to reach her right away, but she remained persistent in trying to contact me.

When we finally connected, she told me that I had an employee that should be the example for all of our employees - and she really wanted me to hear her story.  She shared that her husband was a patient on the 5th floor ICU at PMC - he had suffered a heart attack.  She told me that they had been together for so many years she just didn't know what she was going to do.  She couldn't imagine what her next steps might be.  

She shared she was terrified and upset, and on a certain day, as she was coming out of the room into the lobby, she suddenly felt hopeless.  She said she was lost and confused.  Margie, whom she had "made friends" with over the time she'd been there, noticed something wasn't right.  She says Margie asked her where she was going and she replied she was going to go home for a little while and feed the animals.  

Margie came around from the desk and said "well, why don't you let me walk you down to the front lobby".  Apparently Margie was aware she seemed "not quite right" and was not going to let her "just go".  She shared that Margie rode down on the elevator and even called security to ensure she could get to her car.  But what Margie was really doing, was making sure she was stable.  This Patients wife happened to be Diabetic and was suffering a low blood sugar reaction.  

Margie went to Starbucks and got her an Orange Juice and sat with her while things "settled down".  She said Margie refused to leave her side and she "refused to take a cent for that orange juice!"  Once she was stable and felt in control, Margie had security take her to her car.  She told me, "Margie saved me". 

Charlotte told me that in the darkest moments, Margie was there.  When they'd "throw her out of her husband’s room" for one reason or another, Margie would calm her.   She told me Margie made it POSSIBLE for her to come back each day because she made her feel “safe and cared for”. She even shared watching Margie calm another family who received heartbreaking news.  She said the family was emotional and fighting among themselves, but Margie was able to handle the situation in a calm and caring way.  She said she was "just in awe". 

Charlotte shared that her husband survived and is home doing very well, but wanted me to know that without Margie she's not sure she would have made it.  Margie's instinct to go over and above on a regular basis is what makes her Caring Hands different.

Tina Pope
District Manager, Service Excellence

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