iPads Help Patients Communicate

Patients with conditions that prevent them from speaking are making breakthroughs with the help of iPads and special applications that allow them to communicate. At Palomar Health, Speech Language Pathologists are now using iPad technology in the inpatient and outpatient settings for therapeutic and educational purposes.

The iPad offers a new tool to assist those with comprehension issues or communication barriers (such as patients who are intubated or have cognitive-linguistic issues). iPads have been shown to be an effective, interactive learning tool for children and adults alike. There are numerous iPad “apps” that have been created by Speech Language Pathologists for patient therapy and education.  At Palomar Health, we use these applications to help patients improve their memory, comprehension, speech, assistive communication, and reading.

“One of my patients started to cry because she was able to use the iBooks feature to help her read again,” said Anuja Kamdar, Palomar Health Speech Language Pathologist. “This is something she had not been able to do for a long time.  She is now considering purchasing an iPad of her own.”

Patients seem to like the iPad because it is light, portable, fun and easy to use.  It is also cost-effective.

“The typical AAC device costs thousands of dollars and is not easily covered by insurance,” Kamdar said. “The iPad device is a much more accessible and affordable option that features great tools to address cognitive-linguistic issues.”

The iPads can also help patients better communicate with their physicians, caregivers and other providers.

For more information about the use of iPads in Speech Therapy, contact Anuja Kamdar at 760.739.3674.