Palomar Health Vendor Policy

Palomar Health wants to ensure that all dealings with vendors follow approved guidelines and regulations.  The documentation below should be reviewed before conducting business with Palomar Health.

Code of Conduct

The Supply Chain Services Department will not accept any gifts or donations associated with awarding contracts or influencing decisions.  It is the Supply Chain Services Department's objective to perform all transactions in an ethical and moral manner.  Vendors making contributions to fundraising activities provided by Palomar Health will be separate from all purchasing and contracting opportunities.  Any issues related to violations of this guideline will be reported to our compliance officer.


Before visiting any one of the Palomar Health campuses, please create an account at Palomar Health utilizes this service to ensure that no unapproved vendors are on-site as well as a way to manage the vendor visitation history.

The Vendormate website will require that you acknowledge Palomar Health's vendor policy and have provided additional requested documentation confirming your ability to work with Palomar Health.

Additional Documentation

  • False Claims Act Policy

Contracting Opportunities

Please visit our  Contracting Opportunities page to view a list of available request for proposals and or quotations.