Always Here, Always Safe

To ensure the safety of your loved one, Palomar Health is enforcing the county-wide restriction of NO VISITORS ALLOWED. This is unfortunate but necessary to ensure visitors do not unknowingly spread the coronavirus to your loved one. There are some exceptions to the rule (end of life patients, child patients, childbirth and patients with mental disabilities). Please call the patient’s care team before coming to the hospital to make visiting arrangements in advance; do not show up unannounced. Thank you for your cooperation. You may also visit patients virtually.

Palomar Health has always taken extraordinary measures to ensure your safety at all of our locations. Over the last several months, we have intensified our cleaning and safety precautions to protect you and your loved ones. Due to this high-level of care, we are proud to say that no patient has contracted COVID-19 at any Palomar Health facility.

**Palomar Health is not a free COVID-19 testing site**

Infection Prevention
Palomar Health’s Infection Prevention team has played a significant role in preventing staff and patients from contracting COVID-19 at all Palomar Health facilities during the pandemic. See how they do it. 

Emergency Services
We understand this is a time of uncertainty and many people are afraid to come to the hospital. We have seen patients in our Emergency Department who’ve avoided much needed medical treatment out of fear of contracting COVID-19. You should not be afraid. Seek medical care immediately if you’re having an emergency. The Emergency Department is safe and early treatment can result in drastically improved outcomes. Waiting can have irreversible consequences.
Our emergency department is always here, safe and ready to serve our community.

Hospital Safety
To ensure everyone’s safety, Palomar Health is testing all hospital patients for COVID-19 and ensuring all staff use personal protective equipment (PPE) above and beyond the recommended level. We’ve also taken unprecedented actions to clean and disinfect every area of the hospital and limit the number of people coming inside. The precautions include:
  • Screening all patients at the door for potential infectious diseases
  • Masking all patients and personnel throughout the hospital
  • Restricting visitors 
  • Unprecedented cleaning and sterilization of all surfaces
  • Isolating potential COVID-19 in a negative pressure room
Negative pressure rooms are designed to prevent the air from infectious disease patients from mixing with the air from the rest of the hospital. Learn how it works. 

Beginning in late April, Palomar Health resumed non-emergent, time-sensitive surgeries and has been steadily increasing the number and types of surgeries it is performing. Now may be the time to talk with your doctor about a surgery you feel may be necessary or following through on that medical procedure you have been putting off. Extra precautions are being taken to protect patients and healthcare workers. 

Talk to a physician
If you are feeling ill (non-emergency) or are due for a medical check-up, don’t put off seeing your doctor any longer. Make your health a priority. Palomar Health is proud to be partners in health with Arch Health Medical Group and Graybill Medical Group who offer virtual and in-person visits for every need. You can also visit Palomar Health’s Find a Doctor page to select a physician that is right for you.
If you would like to learn more about Palomar Health’s response to COVID-19, visit