Emergencies Don’t Wait

Palomar Medical Centers in Escondido and Poway are taking extraordinary measures to ensure your safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to access emergency services if you have cardiac issues, abdominal pain, chest pain, orthopedic injuries or psychiatric emergencies. Early treatment can result in drastically improved outcomes.

Here are some of the ways we are ensuring your safety:

  • Screening all patients at the door

  • Isolating potential COVID-19 patients from all other patients

  • Masking all patients and personnel throughout the hospital

  • Restricting visits of all non-patients 

  • Unprecedented cleaning and sterilization of all surfaces

Since the pandemic outbreak, Palomar Health has experienced up to a 50% decrease in patient volumes. Some of this is attributed to fewer people being injured due to stay at home orders but some is due to people unnecessarily delaying treatment. Our message is “Emergencies Don’t Wait.”

Learn more about COVID-19.

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