Medical Weight Loss

Experts at Palomar Health will guide you on the path that best suits your weight loss wants and needs because everybody is different. All paths include personalized nutrition, diet and activity plans, plus one-on-one guidance from a specially trained physician and registered dietician.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is the process of losing weight, using medications among other tools, under a physician’s care. The Medical Weight Loss program at Palomar Health operates under the direction of a board-certified physician who takes a holistic approach to how weight management affects chronic diseases and vice versa.

Am I a Candidate?

Generally, to be a candidate for medical weight loss you should have a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 28-35, be willing to change your eating and activity habits, and have a long-term commitment to working under a physician’s guidance. Your physician may also prescribe medications that increase your metabolic rate and suppress your appetite. Medical weight loss has shown in peer-reviewed studies to help patients lose significantly more weight compared to people who only use diet and exercise alone. Medical weight loss may also reduce the need for bariatric surgery.

What’s My BMI?

BMI is a measurement that estimates how much body fat you have. BMI is based on your height and weight. Calculate your BMI.

Our Approach to Care

Weight gain and weight loss are a personal journey, and no two people are alike. Therefore, your treatment plan will be tailored to treating what’s unique about you. Depending on your situation and goals, you may receive counseling and/or treatment on diet and activity, meal replacements, calorie counting, mindfulness, motivational awareness, accountability and behavior modification, all under a physician’s care.


All patients seeking help from Palomar Health will have an initial consultation with a weight management expert and for those pursuing medical weight loss, will meet with medical weight loss expert to review the program and establish a personalized treatment plan. You will have regular meetings with a registered dietitian and be enrolled in an online, virtual health navigation system to help guide you through the program. A board-certified physician will oversee your treatment plan for as long as you are in the medical weight loss program.


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What’s the next step?

Contact our health navigator to determine the best place for your weight loss journey to begin at (858) 613-4022.


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