Patient Story - Cathy Harrington

Taking Control of Future, Thanks to Lap-Band®

Cathy HarringtonAfter battling excess weight for 15 years, Cathy Harrington determined it was time to get serious.

“I was approaching 50 and didn’t want to live the second half of my life not being able to do the things I enjoy because I was too fat,” she says. “I knew being extremely overweight was taking a toll on my health and I was concerned because of a family history of heart attacks and diabetes.”

A girlfriend told her about Dr. Charles Callery and the Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence at Palomar Medical Center Poway.

“After a thorough evaluation, I attended education classes where I learned about the two different types of bariatric surgery,” she says. “The staff emphasizes that surgery itself is not the cure for obesity. You have to commit to making significant lifestyle changes for yourself. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t do the surgery.”

Since her Lap-Band surgery in June 2009, Cathy has lost almost 20% of her body weight and she is still losing a safe one to two pounds each week.

Cathy motivates herself by tracking her continued weight loss on a thermometer chart posted on her refrigerator right next to the pre-surgery “fat” picture of herself.

“As I move down to a smaller size, I get rid of the larger clothes that I will never wear again,” she says. “I’ve changed my hairstyle and makeup and even my clothes style. Before surgery I wore drab, matronly outfits to camouflage my size. Now, I enjoy prints and bright colors – a more updated look.”

“I’ve learned so much about nutrition and portions, thanks to the education that Dr. Callery and his registered dietician provide,” she says. “The way our society super-sizes everything, it’s easy to order a restaurant meal that is actually four portions instead of a healthy serving for one person!”


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