Alan W. Larson, M.D.Alan W. Larson, M.D.

Dr. Larson has a Bachelor's degree from Whitman College and Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Oregon. He resides in Rancho Bernardo with his wife Ruth and has two children.

He has been on the medical staff of Palomar Medical Center Poway since 1983 and served as Secretary-Treasurer for two years and Department Chairman for one year. He has been a Board member for the Palomar Health Foundation and San Diego Foundation for Change. Dr. Larson was elected to the Palomar Health Board of Directors in November, 1998. He has served continuously since that time and, as Chairman of the Palomar Health Board, served for a consecutive period of two years in that office during calendar years 2003 and 2004, having been re-elected by his peers for a second year, during which time the Board approved the Final Facilities Master Plan and Integrated Plan of Finance in August of 2004 calling for an election to authorize the issuance of Bonds to be consolidated with the General Election on November 2, 2004, and the resultant successful passage of Proposition BB.

His top three issues have been:

Nurses. "One of my passions is changing the culture of the hospital to make it attractive to nurses and all employees. Employees need to be respected and to feel a part of the institutions. My aim is to make Palomar Health the employer of choice for health-care workers".

Physicians. "The health system needs to work in close concert with the medical staff to attract primary care physicians, particularly in the more rural areas, and high-quality specialists. The system needs to be "physician-friendly." We have high-quality physicians presently, and we simply need more of them".

Community outreach. "Most of the residents in our community do not need a hospital on a regular basis, but they all need to be healthy. The health system needs to have a stake in educating all residents about healthy lifestyle choices and prevention of serious illness".